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Undeleted WAV file

Hi. I have one of those chinese DAPs (known as S1 MP3 Player).
I unintentionally recorded some voice conversation between some (female) friends. (I left them alone for some minutes and then came back).
One of them desperately urged me to delete it once she realized it was recording everything. She didn't say the reason but I acceded.
Now I'm thrilled. Just undeleted the file (originally IMA ADPCM 16bit Mono 32kbps) but apparently has no header. Any clues on how to recover the file, or if it's possible?
The size is about 10 megs.

The bad thing is that I recorded voice again after that, but even then, the file recovery software I used said the file condition was "good". Tried to open with Audition and Wavelab but no luck (unknown file format).

Thanks in advance.

Undeleted WAV file

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(originally IMA ADPCM 16bit Mono 32kbps)

Try to open it in Audition with "Open As" and choose as Filetype "DVI/IMA ADPCM". If this dosn't work, try to open as "PCM RAW Data".

Undeleted WAV file

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Or respect your friend's wishes and don't do it at all.

Undeleted WAV file

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Maybe this topic will be helpful.

Undeleted WAV file

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You should be able to play it with Sox, just have to specify the various options.


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