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Nice Little Winamp Plugin

Here's a nice plugin for Winamp I found yesterday. Please forgive me if it was mentioned before in the forum!
It's called gen_yar Playlist Copier and what it does is copy all the files from a Winamp playlist to a separate folder, sequentially named according to their position in the playlist. So for example, if you have  song1.mp3 song2.mp3 etc in your playlist, it copies them to a folder you choose and names them 001_song1.mp2 002_song2.mp3 and so on.
I think it's great for people who have portable mp3 players, it makes it easy to create a CD with all the songs in the order you like and by copying the songs to a separate folder it allows you to batch manipulate them prior to CD burning (apply a higher gain or whatever you like).

Here's the homepage:
It's a 4KB download, just the .dll
So much music, so little time...

Nice Little Winamp Plugin

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Excellent!  Thanks

Nice Little Winamp Plugin

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You can do the same thing with Media Jukebox.

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