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"Copy controlled" Air CD

I bought this CD used from and upon it's arrival I learn that it is copy protected. Or at least that's what it says on the back of the CD case. EAC, however, had no problems ripping it. No errors at all, and the rip went very fast.

What form of copy protection is used on this CD, and how is it supposed to work? I know of the protection methods which screw with the C2 data and make it take forever to rip, and I know of the ones that add "inaudible" clicks and pops into the audio so only standalone players can play them.

I rip all of my CDs to .wav/.cue with EAC and then encode to Apple Lossless .m4a/.cue for archival / high quality listening, and then again to 128kbps iTunes AAC (with the older encoder dll) for my iPod. I'm glad these CDs were able to be ripped successfully, because I doubt my success if I had to return them to their original owner.

So, basically, what is the point of copy protection if all it does is mess with car stereos and standalones?

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