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Title: just think...
Post by: gft on 2001-10-01 03:35:04
Someday DVD burners will be common, and we'll be throwing 30 losslessly compressed music albums on a single 9.6 GB DVD-R.

Oh, and DVD-Rs will cost $.50.

Title: just think...
Post by: Sawg on 2001-10-01 04:19:05
And the RIAA and MPAA will shit all over it. DVD-Rs will be $.50 to $1 form the MPAA to recoop Movie Piracy, plus $1 form the RIAA to recoop form Music Poracy.

Cuase you know anyone who needs/wents one of these burners MUST be stealing
Title: just think...
Post by: Jon Ingram on 2001-10-01 07:55:34
...and 90% of the new albums will come in the new 'uncopyable' format, packaged together with a data session with the tunes in 'CD Quality' 64Kpbs MP3Pro.
Title: just think...
Post by: gft on 2001-10-01 08:14:53
Uncopyable? That's corporate gibberish. DVDs were once concidered uncopyable.

The corporate bigwigs are getting way too powerful again, just like during the industrial revolution. This is the information revolution and it's the same story over again. They'll learn.

Heck, even patents are good for only so long. There is nothing that truly belongs to anybody. We just do our best to earn a living. They're simply being greedy.

Wow, that was way more than I was planning on saying. 

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