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Opus / Re: What is the deal with 5.1(back)?
Last post by lithopsian -
To OP: I posed a similar question a little while ago.  See here:,110670.0.html

It seems the terms 'back' and 'side' may be arbitrary terms for the same placement position.

Exactly.  I don't get the problem.  Whether a codec refers to a channel as side or rear in a 5.1 setup, they go to the same speaker.

So is this just a semantics complaint, or is there an actual problem?  I understand that ffmpeg has some issues encoding Opus 5.1, but that's ffmpeg's problem.  Are there are other problems, perhaps upmixing to 7.1 setups?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Case -
Porcus, I saw a problem when directory name changes as the path in the callback no longer had tag data. When only filename was renamed I saw no issues. Path change scenario is now handled in the new test version and I added automatic refresh for the metadata for rename cases too.

Nisto: that request makes sense. Implemented that too in the new test version.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Page not found (foo_upnp)
Last post by fyretyne -
Hi Everyone!

I've scrolled through the logs and the xml config but I am unable to find exactly what path the upnp server plugin is looking up for the webpage. I've got it all set up but when I try to open it either locally or externally I get HTTP 404 error. Foobar is not installed in my program files directory, but when I tried to copy the install folder into either program files (running 64bit Win10) I got no success either.
Attached logs (FINEST setting).

Exact error message:
Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

Hope you can help me, this would be the first time ever using this feature for me :)
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Feature Request: Dynamic Playlist Files
Last post by anamorphic -
Right you are. In which case, it might be a hard-coded feature plugins cannot change. Your original request is a good one despite these attempted work-arounds. ;)

Another way to save from accidental deletion, right-click a playlist and choose Restore menu. If it is too late, there is always foo_jesus to make auto backups of the playlist folder to a ZIP file. (Be sure to add - playlists* - to default folders for backup).


[Edited for clarity]
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by zoomorph -
Hi zoomorph,

sorry if it's been asked already but is anything planned regarding Discogs Tracks Feature?
What I'd love to have for instance is fetching genres / styles individually based on tracks.
Currently tracks aren't available via the API and track pages are pretty useless (they don't have genre/style info for example). However they will likely be added too foo_discogs if Discogs fully develops the feature.
Opus / Re: How to encode TRUEHD 5.1 to Opus 5.1 using opusenc?
Last post by butrus -
Code: [Select]
"ffmpeg.exe" -i "input.dts" -af "aresample=resampler=soxr:dither_method=shibata,aformat=sample_fmts=s16,pan=0x3f|c0=FL|c1=FC|c2=FR|c3=SL+BL|c4=SR+BR|c5=LFE" -f s16le -ac 6 - | "opusenc.exe" - --raw --raw-chan 6 --raw-bits 16 --vbr --bitrate 512 --comp 10 --expect-loss 0 "output.opus"

But he explicitly wanted linux not windows. So something like this would be better:

Code: [Select]
ffmpeg -i input.dts -af aresample=resampler=soxr:dither_method=shibata,aformat=sample_fmts=s16,pan="0x3f|c0=FL|c1=FC|c2=FR|c3=SL+BL|c4=SR+BR|c5=LFE" -f s16le -ac 6 - | opusenc - --raw --raw-chan 6 --raw-bits 16 --vbr --bitrate 512 --comp 10 --expect-loss 0 output.opus
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