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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP
Last post by regor -
Pushed a small fix for XSFP files. Clone the repository to get the latest changes (Code/Download zip) instead of using the releases page.

Meanwhile I'm working on adding XBMC Smart playlist support.
Not only as a read only format, but also to convert current AutoPlaylists within foobar to a Kodi readable format... so they can be used on both devices. Currently I have been able to translate XBMC queries to Foobar queries, the part that takes more time is the reverse process (since foobar queries can be arbitrarily complex...).
Working great so far, and as a bonus, since Smart Playlists allow to use another playlists as sources, they can be effectively used as way to merge different playlists as pools.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The final aim is being able to translate most of the playlists created within foobar to other devices -and back- without loss of functionality. Manually duplicating those 30 autoplaylists from Foobar into Kodi can easily take days... while this approach would do it in seconds. The same applies copying playlists to Foobar2000 mobile, which requires manually editing paths, track conversion, etc. now all done automatically in one click with the 'Export and convert' presets.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Assign sequence of keyboard strokes to one key
Last post by achenbach -
Thanks again ojodo, for this tipp. I appreciate very much. Just went into this great and powerful tool. And it was almost easy to write this kind of "primitive" scripts, the kind I was seeking for. Works great! And it saves a lot of keystrokes...
Best wishes
Friedhelm Achenbach
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: MathAudio Room EQ for Foobar2000
Last post by chr1 -
Thanks. Settled on a 40Hz crossover for the central BK sub as there was no real gain from having it any higher. Am I right in thinking that the phase setting is irrelevant as RoomEQ accounts for phase differences? It has a dial from 0-180 and I just left it in the middle of the range. Am loving the introduction of deep bass without the integration faff prior to MathAudio. Thanks again! 👍 X
General Audio / Re: Can a image of Audio CD be considered an exact copy
Last post by Octocontrabass -
And for data sessions (EnhancedCD or the Playstation type), then I don't know whether cloning software is actually to put the data in precisely the same location on the CDr.
I don't know if any existing software is so meticulous about it, but in theory one could burn a CD in raw mode with adjustments to account for the write offset. Getting an exact match would depend on the drive: not all of them support raw mode, and the ones that do support it might refuse to write unusual things like offset-corrected data.

And you still need an accurate read of the disc.
General - (fb2k) / Resume last playback position on multiple files
Last post by Fullbar -
Playing a long audio file, once exiting the file and starting foobar2000 up later it automatically plays back the last opened file from where i exited it.

When opening another file and exiting that file though, playing the previously played track starts it from the start instead of where I last left off

Is there an easy method of letting each file remember where I last played it, so that each file has a resume point on exit

Not like a manual bookmark, but an automatic book mark, like saving the last played position on exit
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: SACD plugin (foo_input_sacd)
Last post by nameeman -
Thank you for replying!!!
Your post made me start tinkering with the SACD settings in the Tools tab and I actually got it working!
Mostly the DoP for Converter cannot be checked and
DSD 2PCM Mode can't handle (64fp) it has to be (32fp)

These are my settings that worked
 Output mode: DSD+PCM, DoP for converter (unchecked)
 PCM Volume: 0dB, LFE as-is
 PCM Samplerate: 352800
 DSD 2PCM Mode: Direct (32fp, 30Hk lowpass)
 Preferable Area: Multichannel
 DSD Processor: DSD Processor
 Trace: unchecked
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