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General Audio / Re: EAC hangs on a particular CD
Last post by Porcus -
If it verifies AccurateRip, you will be fine - that you ocan also check with CUETools. And, once you have downloaded that, you could of course try if that ripper has more success.
Vinyl / Re: My first venture into Vinyl
Last post by includemeout -
IMHO, half the fun of vinyl is messing around with the mechanical aspects of the turntable. Especially if you have a cueing mechanism, with good damping fluid, that works smoothly. Much more fun than dropping a CD into a tray, or "clicking" on an item in a playlist.

That's akin to saying half of the fun of having a wife is the thrill gotten from that mechanical aspect of inserting the ring into one's finger ::) ; specially if you have an expensive gemstone in it, and it goes smoothly in your aforementioned appendage and all that crap.

But then, I can't believe someone deriving that much pleasure from such obvious psychological compensation from the fact they're simply adoring a golden calf instead of simply listening to the music, can actually satisfy/have a wife, in the first place. :))
AAC / Is there detailed information about HA's official advice to use FDK-AAC?
Last post by itmozart -
I've read the AAC pages (generic and FAQ), and as far as I see, it suggests to use Apple AAC, and FDK-AAC (1st and 2nd choice).

Ignoring Apple AAC, is there more detailed information about the FDK-AAC choice? I can't really find much; the listening tests are very old, and also, bitrate-wise, very limited, so I'm trying to find more information to make a sound choice.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_onewaysync
Last post by Pok_Madui -
Okay, I have tried to limit the conversion threads to 1, and it didn't help...
I think something is messing with my temp folder but I'm not sure what. I will try to configure my temp folder to another drive and try again, and will report back.
Also I have attached the debug info from foobar's log (password protected - sent you a PM with the password) If it's any help.

Thanks a lot :)

Tried again with a different temp folder on a different drive (previously was on a SSD, now on a HDD), but still errors occur.
The mismatched files are different every time so it's probably not a problem with specific files.

Any clue to what's going on?
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