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Support - (fb2k) / Re: (Android) Notification disappears while on pause
Last post by EpicForever -
It exists at least in 6.0.1. on system level - this is how I encountered and solved issue (changing system list of non power-optimized apps). On Sony it is realized even in 5.x series through Stamina settings - it has its own list of apps allowed in the background. Remember vendors use their own addons, tweaks, etc.

Why it might happen for you just recently?
You might recently installed some 3rd party optimization tool, clicked something due to some system nagging ("tip"), reached some very low battery level for the first time, which triggered it permanently. Many possibilities, no knowledge of how you use your device.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: CD's with pre-emphasis: Cddeemph vs SoX vs Foobar2000
Last post by Rollin -
Just for clarification, are the cddeemph graphs with dithering and the rest without dithering?
cdddemph graphs  are with default settings - 16 bit input, 16 bit output (anyway there is no way to change settings). I would say that i see no symptoms of dithering there.

I haven't been able to download cddeemph
I uploaded it to dropbox -
Support - (fb2k) / Re: v1.3.19 gets stuck after using RDP
Last post by Peter -
Thanks for the bug report.

The problem has been noted and reproduced, it's apparent on both Windows 7 and 10 hosts.

At least - despite of moderate annoyance factor - it does not have ill effect beyond the apparent ones, lets you stop and restart playback gracefully.

It will be addressed for the next update.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Create cue sheet from EAC log
Last post by greynol -
How is this done using CUETools exactly? [...]
Furthermore, it doesn't have the CD-TEXT fields!!

Besides possibly before the first track, CT won't include 00 index information present in a log file
CD-TEXT information is not available in a log file

What, not straight forward enough?

Oh right, the heaping attitude part.  Well I suppose I should stay in character then...

You really never do let up, do you?
Is trolling people on these forums your only joy in life?

I wasn't "mining for titles" as you suggested.
Why assume I was talking about you?  Are you the only other person involved in the discussion since I entered it?

the pregap information is not *needed* for playback in car CD player. Again, I was interested in this topic, and I thought that this discussion might yield some fruitful information. Apparently, this is the wrong answer and I should have said that somehow my life depended on it, so it could justify your valuable "contributions" to this discussion.
It seemed to me you simply wanted a problem solved.  I'm sorry for looking at this from a practical perspective without considering whether you actually wanted to dive deep into the minutia.

Life is too short:
CUETools is a fine tool to construct a cue sheet and fill it with CD-TEXT info.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder
Last post by no9 -
Really? You want to disable subsongs altogether? Just because of a handful of buggy songs?

Sure. It was a 'hack'. Usually used in game music/jingles or hidden pranks. I have playlist with 4000+ .mod files and I'm not sure if there is a single song part I really need to access that way. Don't need to be default, but being able to get rid of them would be nice and... why not?
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