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Support - (fb2k) / window underneath taskbar glitch
Last post by foo5000 -
everytime I minimize my foobar and then bring it back to focus, the window goes below the taskbar
this glitch started since I putted the taskbar on the left corner

windows 7 x64, foobar 1.3.15

just reporting this bug, thanks  ;)
General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar's oscilloscope as a VST plugin?
Last post by foo5000 -
Spectrum analyzer too, please.
I might as well save a bunch of fcl files for the same reason and then know exactly where the changes were but like I mentioned before I'm not about to do that for every single change, too much a hassle. If, for example, you're working on an excel file, you just do Ctrl S and you have your changes locked. Nobody in their right mind would go about and save different version of the same file which is more or less the method you would need to go about when building a config and testing things out.
So just simply doing save configuration and then letting it crash reverts it back exactly the way you saved it at that point without foo_jesus giving you a version you didn't want beyond the save configuration point or doing it with different files of backups and playing the guess game.
Though foo_jesus doesn't behave exactly as required, it's worth noting that you can set the number of backups to keep, so set it to something like 10. Or 50. Also, you can set how often it autosaves in minutes, so set it to something like 1-5 minutes. Now, you may have to guess which version to restore ("was it 3 minutes ago? 5 minutes ago?), but foo_jesus is not useless in this situation.
No, foo_jesus does not save to 'a' previous state, it goes back to the last previous state. But that's not what OP and I are talking about. Read the thread, we're talking about reverting to x state, not last previous state.  If I were to want to revert back to a certain state which is not the last state and I had a component that guarantees to revert to last state then that component is about the last thing I'd want to have.
Simply said, if you're building a config and you want to lock in certain changes and then continue building and test things out before I want to again lock in those changes then a component that would continuously save all changes is something I'd stay away from.
foo_jesus? If you don't want your config and settings saved foo_jesus would be the last thing to use.

? ? ?
 the op wants to go back to a previous state in case he does something wrong.
This component does exactly that.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by greynol -
That won't be necessary. The video Porcus linked in reply #27 clearly demonstrates that vinyl is capable of preserving frequencies that extend beyond what a typical adult is capable of hearing.

But if you want to, feel free.  I'd like to see how much of the ultra high frequency content is real, rather than harmonic distortion, though a band-limited master would be the best way to check for that.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by junkfist -
I love Deskbank Controls! Only foobar plugin i was impressed enough with to log in and thank the dev for so far...

Only complaint, I would love to change the scroll speed below 10. That is all i would change.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by Funkstar De Luxe -
I think we're all getting a pedantic here.

I have pressed a number of vinyl records over the course of ~10 years.  Most of the master are from 96Khz/24bit or 192Khz/24bit recordings (don't freak out over the high sample rates, they are exceedingly high in case I wish to further process the final recordings).

So I am in a position where I can validate a master digital file against a vinyl pressing (all are 33RPM unfortunately).  Now, if we could reach some sort of consensus about how I post results of measurements, I am happy to do so.  The music does contain frequencies will above 20Khz, as they are all made from rather old and dysfunctional analogue synthesizers.

Also, please let me be clear that I am not implying that I am interested in frequencies above 20Khz, merely that they can be represented in a vinyl disc.
MP3 - Tech / Re: Does --replaygain-accurate actually do anything?
Last post by lvqcl -
I thought that you want just RG tags; but if you want to alter MP3 files, mp3gain is probably simpler for this task.