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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by Julero -
I was referring to one of these, much less complex and simpler:

At Foobar we have a plugin to do this, it supports hundreds of templates. But the developer did not want to port it to the 64-bit version of Foobar. Many people stayed on the 32-bit version just to keep the analog VU Metters.

I don't know if it will be very difficult to access only the L channel and R channel peaks with C++, but something like this could be very decisive for your plugin. With a JS method that accesses that, putting an Analog VU Metter with css and js would be very simple.

But I understand that it could be complicated. :'(

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Audio Hardware / Re: Sennheiser HD 560S headphones dac/amp
Last post by Andrei1 -
The reason that I am asking is that if I decide for the iBasso DC04Pro, I would have to blind buy it and if I don't like it, I'm not sure I can return it. The store is online only and it's based outside my country. But I trust you and the product, because I can tell and feel it's a very high quality product and you get double the price that you are paying, from what I can see. Also, it has everything I need.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar2000 For Linux (deb&rpm) !
Last post by kexianliang -
And - in case Arch(-based) distros are an option - the smoothest installation experience is the AUR package foobar2000. With a typical helper, installation (and updating) becomes a simple
Code: [Select]
yay foobar2000
Thank you. What I need is the native Linux version of Foobar2000. Since there is Foobar2000 for Mac, why can't there be Foobar2000 for Linux? I know this requires a certain amount of work, but it can definitely be achieved.
General - (fb2k) / Restoring foobar skin darkone4
Last post by RayB -
Help help...
I am a novice on this so apologies upfront for a stupid question, however.... I have had foobar2000 icw darkone4mod_v1 running flawelessly on w10, but the nuc died and am now on a new nuc on w11. I installed foobar2000-x64_v2.1.5 and foo_ui_columns-2.1.0.x86-x64i. However, when I import darkone4mod_v1.fcl I get the message that  a lot of panels are not installed... and it's aborted. I truly wish to have this working again, any advice? The nuc is a p7, 16, 512.

Many thanks!

Audio Hardware / Re: Sennheiser HD 560S headphones dac/amp
Last post by Air KEN -
Both the iBasso DC04Pro and FiiO K9 have a simple sound with no quirks, so they're fine.
Both the HIFIMAN Edition XS and SENNHEISER HD 660S2 produce good sound.

It is best to choose based on your own preference.
Audio Hardware / Re: Sennheiser HD 560S headphones dac/amp
Last post by Andrei1 -
Okay. So there are differences. But the price for K9 is much higher. I don't think it justifies the price going for it, especially since it's way out of my budget. Not to mention that I have to get the ananda nano. But that is up to me, of course.

Those recommendations that you gave me apply to almost any headphones? Or just for the HD 560S? I am talking about Fiio KA17 and iBasso DC04Pro.

Do they sinergize well with hifiman Ananda nano, which is a planar magnetic headphone with a sensitivity of 94 dB and an impedance of just 14 ohms?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Loudness contol for Foobar
Last post by silverprout -
It seems to be a little complex for a average user
You do not appear to be an average user.  Your requirements seem to be highly individual, therefore you need a potentially unique solution and must either roll one yourself or hope to engage the interest of somebody with the understanding+skills+willingness+free time to help you.
I lack any of those.  In particular, I lack understanding of what the problem is.  I can understand one might want to apply equalisation to flatten the frequency response of any particular listening environment (speaker performance + room acoustics), but beyond that surely the only thing left is compensating for hearing defects.  If you are trying to compensate for "normal" hearing, then you are going to move the listening experience away from what it would be hearing something "live" – and I thought the whole point of HiFi is to reproduce the live experience.
The Equal Loudness curves are a statement of fact, and useful for scientific purposes... not something to aim at!

I've bought DSP at 80€ (T-rack 4in 4out ADAU1701) and two Aliexpress T-amp for 8€ (4X15W), a lot of average users are able to parameter a simple DSP in 2024 IMO so i've added two PLS 830983 widebands and two used Fountek woofers and two bobins of PLA, the final bill is under 250€.
Two small phantom devialet costs 2K€ and need an additionnal DSP for the compensation, i dont feel that the low volume listenings are a marginal solution but i really feel that a static tonal destroyer like the embedded equailizer in foobar is someting really marginal.

... The preservation of the tonal equilibrium is my goal and the scientific data is a tool that i want to use to direct my feelings and abilities to the right solution.

Also: maybe a particular software player is a little too far away from the action to be the component to perform these corrections. The coarse, consumer-grade version of this compensation was (is?) the infamous "loudness" button which just to a 1-preset fixed compensation.

According to this recent discussion on reddit, there were (are?) hifi amplifiers that have implemented a continuous equal loudness curve compensation integrated. At least with passive speakers, this might be the "properer" place to put such a correction.

The compensation is not dynamic, exagerated, inacurate.  I'm not looking for a "bass boost" or other subjective psychological wandering.