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Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc
Last post by IgorC -
I was just strictly saying 14kbps is THE minimum I would suggest for 'speech' (not music) ...
Now You can go even lower with 1.3 on speech. As low as 13.2 kbps with even better quality (see below).

  • Using wideband encoding down to 9 kb/s

As far as I can tell, this is due to three different modes being used: SILK narrowband up to 9 kb/s, SILK wideband (the slowest) between 9 and 13 kb/s, then CELT from there on. ...
Now 1.3RC1 encodes to SWB/FB at 13.2 kbps as well ( while 1.2.1 codes to WB at this bitrate).
I've noticed it uses SWB or FB on a different samples. I guess it's expected and desired behavior (?)

Overal quality is better actually for 1.3RC.  Though German speech sample was hard to encode. I wonder if it's matter of training and/or tuning.


1.3RC1@13.2kbps is on par with 1.2.1@16kbps on speech.
That's 20% of bitrate reduction.  Similar bitrate reduction is observed on higher bitrates (16-40+ kbps)

CD Hardware/Software / Re: Create cue sheet from EAC log
Last post by greynol -
A player that emilates the behavior of a programable CD player? Place me in the category of I don't know, I don't care.  I get a CD, I rip it and chop it up and/or do whatever else as I see fit and the CD goes in storage.  The last time I used a CD player was when I moved and that was all I had handy at the moment.

I've had this very discussion countless times over the last dozen or so years. Reading your posts on the aubject feels like a regurgitation of stuff I've posted in the past.  In some cases you were even at the other end.  Not so much because you didn't care, but because you hadn't yet learned.

I've largely bailed from these discussions over the minutiae and rare cases of this or that. I really find no pleasure in them.

There are methods of adding index data from a log file. I've even created such a tool myself.   CT doesn't have this functionality.  My script can be found on this forum, though I can't be bothered to search for it.  AFAIC, there is really nothing more to say about it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by TimsFong -
changed the “libcurl_7_54_openssl” also can't playback.I think this is china network problem.I used the “3dyd_batch64_2.10.4”downlaod from youtube,And then use foobar playback is also nice.Thanks a lot.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Track timing with Don't reset DSP between tracks
Last post by j7n -
In Ultra mode the duration changes by less than 1 CD sector, but it still sometimes changes. It is unexpected, because these resamplers keep duration precisely when used on one track at a time. If Foobar can't at all know if a plugin changes the duration, perhaps a note should be added on the converter page near the checkbox, and maybe the approximate splits should be rounded to 1/75 seconds.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Create cue sheet from EAC log
Last post by Porcus -
No, they are not "hidden".  But a physical CD player programmed to play track 8 and then 10, will skip the "bonus" track.

Had media players supported that behaviour (of a physical CD player), it would certainly have been a case for the index mark. But which do(es)?
General Audio / Re: McGill U MQA study
Last post by greynol -
Oh, just poking fun over the irony.  Listening tests would probably be the best place.  My days of being a tight ass over these things are long gone.
Support - (fb2k) / Track timing with Don't reset DSP between tracks
Last post by j7n -
If I select the option "Don't reset DSP between tracks" in Converter, in order to process a gapless album, and have either SoX or SSRC resampler activated, the track split points will offset by a random amount. This doesn't happen with all effects: tracks times are unchanged with IIR Filter, and only occasionally changed with PPHS Resampler. Why aren't the splits precise as permitted by the output sampling rate?

I tried latest beta 17.

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