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LazyUSF (foo_input_usf)

Having a few issues with foo_input_usf hanging foobar and has to be killed via task manager. There doesn't seem to be a thread for that plugin on Hydrogen. Any ideas where bugs should be reported? (or if Kode actually still supports this specific plugin).

Re: LazyUSF (foo_input_usf)

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It shouldn't hang on its own, since it has checkpoint monitoring. Rare cases, if it's hanging without a checkpoint to monitor it, then it must be looping without actually using any branch statements.


Re: LazyUSF (foo_input_usf)

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In case you wanted to check what's happening, an example of this hanging behaviour is the track "Ring Shot" which can be found (and hangs for me) in the following USF file -

(sorry for the delay in responding, forum didn't notify me that you'd posted)