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Topic: foobar2000 mobile files taking up more space on the device than they should? (Read 130 times) previous topic - next topic
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foobar2000 mobile files taking up more space on the device than they should?


first time poster so i'm sorry if similar problems have been answered before, but i'm having a strange problem with foobar2000 mobile (though i suspect it could also be a problem with iphones in general).

so i have a 13.1GB music folder that i'm trying to transfer from foobar2000 desktop to foobar2000 mobile using the "media server" thing. when i look at the size of this folder on my pc, it displays accurately (13.1GB), and when i'm about to download it in the foobar2000 mobile app, it also displays accurately, telling me it's a 13.1GB folder.

however, once i download it, i can see from the size of the foobar2000 mobile app that this music folder that's supposed to have 13.1gb of music in it is actually taking up about 15gb of space on the device, meaning the files are taking up more space than they should.

my device is an iphone 6s, and all the files in the music folder are mp3s with bitrates that vary between 128-256kbps, all with metadata and cover art stored on them.

i'm just very confused as to where this mystery extra filesize is coming from, and i'd like to try and reduce it because space is kind of at a premium on my phone. if anyone has any ideas why this is happening it'd be much appreciated. i might try not downloading so many files all at once in one transfer, because maybe that has something to do with it. or maybe it's just iphones sucking as usual.

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