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Scientific Discussion / Re: Parametric EQ for Linux
Last post by T-5dotEU -
Hi guys!
I know i am a little late to the game, but here's what I have come up with because i couldn't find any solution to this problem either:

  • Fully parametric equalizer that can be inserted into pulseaudio system-wide
  • Low-Shelf, High-Shelf and 3 peaking EQs
  • Real-time configuration (you will hear any changes made to parameters immediately)

MP3 / Re: best mp3 encoder with something better than a command line interface?
Last post by saratoga -
Spectrograms are useful for looking at analog equipment, but for a perceptual encoder they can't tell you anything. The "denoise" you see is just your imagination. If you were making changes based on that, then your changes are random. That is a bad way to do things.

If you couldn't ABX the original file then what you are doing is pointless; you can't improve on something that doesn't have any audible flaws. You need to find something that can be improved first.

If you want to learn about audio codecs, I suggest starting at lower bitrates, maybe 100 kbps, and then finding files where you can hear a problem. Then you can try tuning. However, this is going to be immensely more difficult then you're assuming, and will require you to have a much deeper understanding of how perceptual encoders actually work.
General - (fb2k) / foobar2000 v1.4.1 beta 3 release notes
Last post by Peter -
Changes for beta 2:
  • Now using libopus v1.3
  • Fixed a bug in Default UI playlist causing poor performance with tens of thousands of items.
  • Fixed incompatibility with certain HTTP servers, causing music files to fail to play from them with "object not seekable" message.
  • Fixed some more Internet radio metadata regressions.
  • Made DSP presets sorted in the toolbar dropdown list.

Full list of changes
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3 is out!
Last post by VEG -
opusdec.exe was 206KB in the previous release, and now it is 1264KB. What is the cause of this significant increase of size?
MP3 / Re: best mp3 encoder with something better than a command line interface?
Last post by BrilliantBob -

If spectograms do not mean anything, I wonder why there are still exist.

At a glance, it can be seen some denoise in both encoded samples, especially at high frequencies which anyway bring only annoying HF hiss in ears.

I lowered the maskers of bass, alto and treble to not lose any particular sound from the original sample, which may be covered by stronger maskers.

The original sample (44,100 Hz 16bit WAV) was resampled to 48,000 Hz 24bit and the encoded samples to (48,000 Hz 24bit MP3) and look in spectograms almost identical and sounds almost identical, even on the whatever Hi FI audio system.

I put sfb21=4 to cut any noise >20,000 Hz and to save bits for a better quality encoding at lower frequencies. My goal is to make good quality mp3's for my android. The 4.8X WAV/mp3 dimension ratio it's pretty OK.

The best settings I tested so far:

lame.exe -mj --ns-bass -0.5 --ns-alto -0.25 --ns-treble -0.25 --ns-sfb21 +3.75 --short --verbose -q0 -b320 --cbr --resample 48 --highpass 0.001 --lowpass -1 --clipdetect aaa.wav encoded1.mp3 --bitwidth 24 --interch 0.0002 --scale 1.5

Now, the samples, the spectograms and the ABX test.


-encoded1.mp3 (this sample was encoded with the above mentioned psy settings)
lame.exe -mj --ns-bass -0.5 --ns-alto -0.25 --ns-treble -0.25 --ns-sfb21 +3.75 --short --verbose -q0 -b320 --cbr --resample 48 --highpass 0.001 --lowpass -1 --clipdetect aaa.wav original.wav --bitwidth 24 --interch 0.0002
[--ns-bass -1.0 --ns-alto -0.5 --ns-treble -0.275 --ns-sfb21 -4 --interch 0.0002]

-encoded2.mp3 (this sample was encoded with the default psy settings)
lame.exe -mj --short --verbose -q0 -b320 --cbr --resample 48 --highpass 0.001 --lowpass -1 --clipdetect original.wav encoded2.mp3 --bitwidth 24
[--ns-bass -0.5 --ns-alto -0.25 --ns-treble -0.025 --ns-sfb21 -0.5 --interch 0.0000]


I did not find significant differences in spectograms or audition, and ABX tests demonstrate that there is uncertainty in both situations (original.wav vs encoded1.mp3 / original.wav vs encoded2.mp3).

The psy settings --ns-bass, --ns-alto, and --ns-treble appears to have very little impact. Maybe --ns-sfb21 and --interch may be a game changer, I dunno.

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