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Opus / Re: Opus gapless and glitchness encoding
Last post by ofboir -

I can't hear any significant glitch with this sample. The click is blends in with the nasty noise. Strangely, upsampling with SoX makes the click slightly bigger compared to a direct encode, letting opusenc.exe do the upsampling. I can hear it in the 48k sourced encode, as a short hiss impulse on the right side, but it still seems acceptable for a lossy encode, and not noticable without focusing on the position. No bass content in this sample either.

Perhaps the player isn't fully gapless?
Still pretty noticeable to me on your opus files.
In fact, I noticed this problem when listening to this album in the bus, and not focusing at all on the transition itself. The sound is supposed to be continuous between tracks, but this "click" really annoyed me.

As for the gapless capability of the player, I use Audacious on Linux for testing the samples (no idea if it is perfectly gapless) and Rockbox on my DAP (I know it is perfectly gapless).
Anyhow, I should have mentioned that I don't hear the glitch when playing the flac files, but only when playing the opus encoded files : it is not due to the player.

It may depend on how the encoding and/or decoding is done. What happens if you manually convert your files to 48 kHz before encoding? What may be happening here is that if the original is 44.1 kHz and gets resampled for encoding, but gets "stitched back" at 48 kHz, then there may be a fractional sample extra/missing.
Resampling to 48kHz before encoding doesn't change anything. In fact, it seems that the glitch is even more important by doing that, like j7n said (just a subjective feeling, though  :D)

I'm the same, not seeing anything like what is being described.  Seems like something going on with the specific encoding or decoding that I'm not doing here.  Or I'm deaf!
Did you try with good headphones ? I tried with my Philips Citiscape Uptown and my Focal Listen : it's very easy to ear with both of them.
General Audio / Re: Is it all bull**** now?
Last post by tomstephens89 -
I love watching youtube vids of these total 'audiophile' snobs all fapping over these obscure systems that cost more than a house and take up a whole godammn room.

Then the only demo track they seem to play is some shitty old horn or string music from the Stone Age.

Its total bullshit. A good set of studio monitors, good tower or bookshelf speakers will accurately reproduce any god damn sound you want.

Im pretty sure that some of these insane systems are designed only to perfectly reproduce that shitty old horn demo track and if fed something good, will be total useless.
AAC / Re: VS
Last post by tpijag -
I believe you are chasing down the wrong path.

The salient point is at what setting does the lossy version of a track become noticeable [to your ears] compared to the original lossless file.

Your ABX comparison should be lossless VS the various levels of your choice of lossy codec.
Last post by rectifica -
At what point can you not tell one from the other?
i can't tell 192/224 from 256 and mp3 320

Can someone please help.
I'm making a discography and need a base value to convert to after ripping to m4a
It seems 256 is the answer but im looking for another viable option like 224
if anyone can compare the 224 to 256 and 224 to mp3 320 it would be a lifesaver

m4a aac 256kbps
m4a aac 224kbps >> mp3 320
m4a aac 192kbps

FLAC / CUE sheet track limit
Last post by Wally Walters -
I know that CUE sheets are supposed to be limited to a maximum of 99 tracks.  Is there a workaround for this?
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