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AccurateRip question
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AccurateRip URL
18 AccurateRip reponses found
Track  0: unknown          (not tracked)          
Track  1: rip accurate     (confidence  51 of 191) [f5562466], DB [f5562466]
Track  2: rip accurate     (confidence  50 of 189) [c2913230], DB [c2913230]
Track  3: rip accurate     (confidence  50 of 188) [bfddbede], DB [bfddbede]
Track  4: rip accurate     (confidence  51 of 187) [5173a8dd], DB [5173a8dd]
Track  5: rip accurate     (confidence  50 of 190) [2e31e9f4], DB [2e31e9f4]
Track  6: rip accurate     (confidence  50 of 190) [3f0562f7], DB [3f0562f7]
Track  7: rip accurate     (confidence  50 of 188) [da8829ce], DB [da8829ce]
Track  8: rip accurate     (confidence  50 of 188) [1b85d89e], DB [1b85d89e]
Track  9: rip accurate     (confidence  44 of 180) [3f13c1a2], DB [3f13c1a2]

Am I to understand that the reason why the rip is accurate when the confidence is ~ < 25% on each track is because there are large number with same checksum and there are probably more than one CD with same identification? IE maybe a different pressing of same CD?

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AccurateRip question
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Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?

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AccurateRip question
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Yes and yes.  The number on the left is the amount of matching checksums that have been reported to accurate rip.

There is usually a much lower amount of reported checksums to compare on most releases.  A confidence of 1 of 1 or 1 of 2 is usually enough for me to feel confident with its accuracy.
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