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General - (fb2k) / Re: Illegal filename characters replacement
Last post by Porcus -
... then it might possibly cause issues to other applications.
Yes, that’s the very reason I wouldn’t workaround by replacing the actual tags, where all characters are authorised. It would be more difficult to type for a search for such tags on my audio player on my smartphone.
I think you are right, it would be annoying if I needed it. A possible solution: Populate <mydirname> and <myfilename> tags.

A better solution would be for fb2k to fix it, but it could be complicated; fb2k cannot just wait 'til the end before replacing "/", because then your directory separator will be gone too.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Case's Meier Crossfeed Component
Last post by Daiyama -
Hi there,
I am looking for a 64bit Meyer Crossfeed VST plugin which I could use with the latest Equalizer Apo version.
(I always receive the error that the version which could be downloaded here is 32bit and a 64bit dll is required.)
Does anyone know where I could find such a version?

Thanks a lot.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Media Library crushed after indexing flac from NAS
Last post by Case -
So the player doesn't crash and console doesn't report any issues? How high is the memory usage of foobar2000 with the library? You can see this in Task Manager.

Are there any archives on the network share? If you have normal foobar2000 install it will also try to index everything found in ZIP and RAR files on the drive. Those can increase indexing time considerably.

Btw, Indexing should go faster with wired ethernet. If you have a gigabit connection you can read over 100 megabytes per second from the NAS, if its disk(s) can handle it. Indexing doesn't even need to read all the data but even if it read all the 3 terabytes it would take about 8 hours with wired network. With WiFi both read speeds and access times are much worse.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Tag sort order
Last post by Case -
Where do your files sort incorrectly?

All Media Library viewers I know of show the files in alphabetical order using the same strings for sorting that are used for displaying the names. New files added to playlists are sorted by default using the "Sort incoming files by" string found in Preferences -> Shell integration. Autoplaylists by default sort like regular playlists but have the option to let user type a sort string that is enforced at all times. Playlist views allow sorting the views by clicking on the column headers. Columns UI allows configuring custom sort strings for each column so you can sort by entirely different strings than what is displayed.

I suggest starting your sort fixing by adjusting the sort string under that Shell integration preferences page first. The tag mapping documentation you saw are correct but I want to clarify that using %artist% will return the contents of ARTIST tag first. Only if it's missing it will try the other fields. If you wish to only get the contents of the ARTIST tag bypassing the mapping you indeed use $meta(artist). Capitalization for the tag field doesn't matter. The default string here is %path_sort% which means your tracks get sorted purely based on their folder and file name. Replace it with the default sort order you want. For example $meta(artist) | %date% | %album% | %discnumber% | %tracknumber% | %path_sort%.
General - (fb2k) / Re: How do I permanently make foobar2000 my default audio player in Windows 8.1?
Last post by Case -
The dialog you see should only be presented if a new program registers itself as supporting the format, or some program edits the registry associations manually in the Win9x way. You don't have something like Winamp agent re-registering filetypes to itself?

I have never seen issues with the feature but you can remove current associations and start fresh by deleting the associations entirely with regedit. For example to return .ogg to unassociated state remove .ogg key from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts.
Support - (fb2k) / Media Library crushed after indexing flac from NAS
Last post by u2nian -
I'm trying to build media library from my music folder in NAS (My Cloud home - WD).  I'm dealing with lots of flac files over 3T..
It takes days to complete indexing and after that it loses index file over and over and shows nothing in my library.  I tried different version of fb2k and related components and I'm pretty sure I have very secure wifi and fast enough to handle this.

I also have 5Mb index-data file from autobackup folder which was made by foo_jesus but I can't load them up by overwriting config/index data folder.

I need to know how it can be loaded up in case indexing large amount of file from NAS is not a good idea and can be crushed due to many reasons....

Thanks for your help in advance

Last post by kode54 -
macOS High Sierra as well, but only if you pack it in a CAF container instead of Ogg, and the means to do so is undocumented, and the only tool on the OS that supports producing or encoding CAF Opus files only supports mono, and doesn't necessarily guarantee gaplessness.

I produced a patch against FFmpeg that supports encapsulating Opus into CAF containers, but it doesn't generate all of the headers that Apple's tools do, but the files decode nonetheless. The fact that it doesn't produce all the unknown headers, and that said headers are unknown, is why the patch was not accepted.
Ogg Vorbis - General / Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?
Last post by sanskrit44 -
@o-l-a-v: yes, that seems to be the only way to go. i guess a car stereo featuring 'Android Audio Modus AOA 2.0' is simply not enough to playback ogg files from an usb-stick or sdcard. you either need a device inlcuding a screen (definitely not after it) and/or a smartphone connected to your car stereo, right?

@2814-6890: flac would be an option indeed, but i listen a lot to spacious audiobooks and many devices are still limited to an absurd low storage capacity + big capacity sticks/sdcards are much more expensive in europe. another downside, syncing flacs to sdcards is much more time consuming than compact ogg files are (q 0.0 is just ok for audiobooks).

anyway, if you know of a device with ogg support, please let me know.
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