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Downloading WASAPI Component

Firstly I've just joined this forum, hello to everyone,  since I'm at breaking point with problems with a Windows 10 update and re-installing Windows 10 and now trying to set-up Foobar2000:
I now need help installing WASAPI Component, (I have already installed Foobar2000), and I come to were I've clicked
(unknown-please apply changes to load) I then press apply and then I get a message please restart Foobar2000, how do I restart Foobar 2000?
If I press install I get asked for File Name, how do I find out the file name?
When setting up Foobar I've clicked File then near the bottom of the list as Preferences, clicking this give me Preferences Playback, how do I find Preference Output?

I do apologise for the three questions which have probably been done a thousand times before, I am, as you can tell a computer numbty, with no one nearby to help me with computer problems, so I am hoping some clever folks on here can help in a simplified way that I can understand:

Re: Downloading WASAPI Component

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Sorry I should also have asked about drivers, these have been a major problem for me with these disappearing or not working after 2 out of three Windows updates:
I was thinking about the USB 2 0 High Definition ones on this link, but any advice would be greatly appreciated

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