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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_lyrics3
Last post by veksha -
I used "%filename%" as the filename format for both "Save" and "Local File Search" settings. It can save the lyrics founded correctly as "MyMusic.lrc" according to the audio file name, e.g. "MyMusic.ac3" in the playlist. 

It looked like lyrics3 insists that both [%artist%] and [%title%] tags have to be embedded in the audio files, otherwise, the MyMusic.lrc will not be loaded into the "Lyrics Show Panel 3". This explained that the lyrics of some mp3 files failed to show if these tags are not set in the file. 

I think the only field that is mandatory for (automated) lyrics3 search to work is - %artist%
I tested this with your settings (%filename% in both places) and it works as expected for me.
you can enter arbitrary data in %artist% tag it won't make the difference. but without %artist% tag it refuses to do search at all.

I also found that lyrics3 does not honor the search order in the setting. The Local Folders will be searched last.

can't reproduce that on my side. working as expected for me. it can still keep searching for synced on the web if it finds only .txt file locally (this is according to preference). but the order is correct, i think.

I would be most grateful if someone can show me the correct settings for simply letting lyrics3 load the local lyrics files which have the same names as the audio files.
try to fill %artist% tags for all your files and retry. there's not much i can propose.

PS: tested only with mp3
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_lyrics3
Last post by veksha -
@veksha : The MultiDB plugin doesn't seem to be pulling lyrics from Genius anymore, and checking maually finds them on the website.  Have they changed their search method, and can your plugin be modified to work with it?  Thanks!
@sveakul thank you for letting me know. they are already had two different formats for their lyric web-page (randomly switched). it seems that now they have added another one.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: 1.6.7 beta 8 => Exclusive=> Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported format ! !
Last post by Cannonaire -
Beta 9 & 10 fixed the "unsupported format" error in exclusive for me.   However, playback fails when transitioning between files with different bit depth or resolution when smooth seek is turned on.   No errors, but either large gaps in playback or just outputs noise.   A pause and then start again fixes it.   With smooth seek turned off I no longer have any issues.  (This in Windows 10 using a Chord Qutest DAC.)
I'm also getting gaps in playback when playback goes from one file to another with different sampling rate. And by gaps, I mean playback gets these weird stalls a few times a second. I have Smooth Seeking off, because it causes delay when starting playback by double-clicking a track.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_lyrics3
Last post by sveakul -
@veksha : The MultiDB plugin doesn't seem to be pulling lyrics from Genius anymore, and checking maually finds them on the website.  Have they changed their search method, and can your plugin be modified to work with it?  Thanks!
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC, Plextor Premium II & CUE Sheet
Last post by JohnnySH -
Hey Guys thank you for your replies

Hey JayBeee can you help me out please...

I fully understand what you are saying and I started my ripping with secure mode it was taking about 20 mins per CD


So after reading several posts on this forum other people were saying you don not need to use secure mode !

as long as you use Burst Mode With AccuRip test

I have the best Plextor Drive for Ripping Premium II C2 Error detect etc.....

Now. if Accurip test passes at the end of the Burst Rip, ... Will there be  any audio difference between a Rip in Secure mode or Burst mode ???

Surely the Accurip Checksum is the key to both Rips Sounding the same,

so then I ask the question why do you say for the highest Standard Rips I should use Secure & test , because ....

if i'm ripping in BURST mode and accurip testing passes, is that not the same ??  i.e. the accurip check sums have passed with other peoples rips, are you saying the audio will be a lower quality in Burst Mode ???

Will there be better AUDIO quality with a Secure Rip vs a Burst Rip

sorry but i'm a little confused, surly both Rips will be identical sounding from an audio point of view ?

Thank you for any help

Just trying to ensure the best quality audio from the RIPs

My next question is why is this plextor premium II drive so much better rated than any old CD/DVD rom drive ????

Again surely this is all a load of old hype from years ago, ???? I appreciate years ago optical drive were very flaky, I use two own 6 scsi plextor 40 speed read drives which were the best at the time and very expensive, I still own 4 of them, but would NOT consider using them today with a adaptec 2940 scsi card. New dvd / bluray drive are far more reliable with the Ripping process

As today new DVD / BluRay drive rip audio CDs fine, they don't even glitch? so again I ask the question will there any audio difference vs my plextor or New BluRay Drive when ripping audio CDs ?

If I rip on my super Plextor premium II drive vs an everyday DVD drive, will there be any improvement on audio quality ??

my gut tells me NO... both drives will ripp audio that sounds the same if the checksums of accurip pass,

so all this hype years ago about plextor premium II making the audio rip sound better .... Really ??

yes my plextor Premium may be built better than a modern DVD drive but surely a EAC digital rip is the same with both old plextor and new DVD drive
oh and the audio will sound identical

surely if both the accurip checksum are equal on the cheap DVD vs my plextor Premium II drive, this blows this myth about plextor drives ripping better out the window ??

and again surely the audio rip will sound the same from both the drives ???

I am really getting confused about all the hype on ripping from plextor & secure mode

Are we not simply saying if your CD collection is badly scratched or damaged then use a Plextor Premium II with C2 error detection and secure mode for the best results,


if your CD's are in mint / new condition any old CD rom (with No C2 error detection) will do the same job as a Plextor Premium with NO AUDIO sound difference in either Burst or Secure mode

Because this is the way I am seeing it and experiencing ???

Please tell me otherwise as this is a massive long job and I want to get it right

but really not sure if the audio will sound any better in any of the modes as long as the accurip check is good ?

Thanks in advance for any help

at the moment I'm using Burst + Accurip Test @ 24x speed

I would also like to ADD I have an RME very high end audio studio sound card, It is the best audio sound card I have ever owned and really hi-lights any audio quality issues with rips.

I think most CDs I am ripping are very badly mastered and sound rubbish if i'm honest !! no depth, no stereo wideness or openness, just dull and lifeless !

To be honest CD 44.100hz sampling is really poor compared to ripping my vinyl at 32bit 192khz

So one will never get anywhere near the sound quality from CD of vinyl and I solely miss the wideness, dynamics and stereo depth we enjoyed from vinyl before the compressed 44.100hz CD came in to our world in the early 80s.

Most of the CDs I rip, sound compressed and never has the stereo depth and wideness or dynamics of vinyl or the clarity, so over all I'm very disappointed with most CD's I Rip

the mastering on my older CD's is total garbage too

I appreciate any feedback and advice

General Audio / Re: Vorbis better than opus?
Last post by ajp9 -
It's not outrageously wrong, it just needs ABX to back it up.

In blind comparison, I can hear aoTuV Vorbis at 268+ kbps tend to deliver clearer sound to the original than the best Opus or LC-AAC encoders at the same rate, whether it be a matter of stereo fidelity or transient fidelity, or that 20KHz cutoff that I can hear when played in a car (using the AUX jack not Bluetooth). There hasn't been a listening study at that bit rate, so it might just be me and my tastes.

I can hear frequencies above 20KHz, confirmed by ABX, with and without 20KHz lowpass.
This guy is smoking some good shit, lol.

Scientific studies on human hearing found that frequencies above 20KHz are difficult to hear, not that you never hear them. The maximum frequency response in air has been measured from 12Hz at the lowest recorded, to 28KHz in laboratory conditions, according to The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. (Of course, they're talking very high SPL.) The important distinction is that high and low frequencies are easily masked, not necessarily inaudible. With most listeners in the test able to hear 22KHz, I know I'm not alone at being able to ABX a 20KHz cutoff.
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