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Facets track ordering according to track number?


I use Facets and its top + Playlist Manager + Album Art template. When selecting an album from the Album facet the tracks are displayed in alphabetical order in the playlist. I'd normally like to hear albums in their original running order, so I wonder how I can switch to getting the tracks default ordered by their track numbers?



Facets track ordering according to track number?

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Playlists are sorted by the pattern specified at Preferencs, General, Sort incoming files by, which is set to the file path by default.

That means you can either change the pattern to something like %album artist%|%date%|%album%|%tracknumber%, or rename your files so that they include track numbers in front of the titles.


Facets track ordering according to track number?

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Settings > General > Sort incoming files by: %tracknumber%

Is that what you want?
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