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Cover Art doesn't work with Panels UI

Hello everyone..

i just updated my foobar, after loosing my selfmade skin    cause i didn't copy the script in "My Data" or whatever "eigene Dateien" in an english windows is called  (why the heck does foobar save the script there >_>)

under Panels UI -> User Globals the skinmaker wrote the following, and i just changed the art.* to cover.*


I have my art directly where the corresponding MP3s are and everytime the cover is a cover.jpg file.
I also tried %path%,cover.jpg because i thought just path would do... but it didn't work either

Can someone help me with this basic question please?


Cover Art doesn't work with Panels UI

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Cover Art doesn't work with Panels UI

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Unfortunateley that doesn't work either, sorry


Cover Art doesn't work with Panels UI

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I don't see anything wrong with your code. I myself use that to and it work fine. Maybe it's the code that show your cover is wrong.

Your question is too lacking in detail. can't answer more than that.

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