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Panels UI library filter: display folder structure

Hi all,

I am a newcomer to the Foobar world.  I managed to set up the player, and get it skinned with the newest Elegance theme.  I am currently using the library filter plugin, instead of the library list.  Everything is working well, except, I had previously spent a lot of time organizing my music.  My music folder is grouped into folders by artist, each folder containing all of the albums by that artist.  When I added the folder to the library, it looks mostly the same, but it looks as if the overall structure of the library was not maintained.  Some things are grouped different based on differences like the word "and" and the "&" symbol, ect.  My question is, is there any way to make the library not sort the music, and just maintain the folder structure I already had set up?  I am new at this, and I have not tried to mess with any of the code in settings, as I don't want to mess this up further.  Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.


Panels UI library filter: display folder structure

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ask to the Elegance developer to add a foo uie explorer panel :

or mod the skin by yourself if you are courageous enough. If you want to manage your files according to their directory structure, library filter is clearly not the best way to do it !!

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