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'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

Here is the thing, I have foo_msnalt and I got Windows Live Messenger. I didn't install WMP (using nLite). Now, I can't use the 'What I'm listenign to' function 'Cause i need WMP.

So, it is possible to copy some necessary... dlls (just the dlls) to the system folder so WLM can think that WMP is installed.

If it is possible can you point me which dlls I need to copy?

Thanks for your help.

I'm starting to think that I'm a little off-topic. Anyway, sorry, I hope this thread can be moved to the right direction.

'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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I know for sure that foo_toaster (for FB2K .8.3) works for WLM. It displays the Now Playing song. If you are using version .9.x, than I suggest you check out foo_msn, it might work. Foo_toaster may even be updated >_>. Sorry I couldn;t be of more help, but search for those 2 plug-ins:

1. foo_msn
2. foo_toaster

Pretty sure those are the names .
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'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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Last time I had that "now playing" stuff in foobar, I used foo_amip (I think) you could run a search for that too =)

'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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These options are great. Thank you. I know I have test them. But the problem is that I can't check to the option 'Turn on 'What I'm listening too' on messenger.

(This is why I have realized that this is most a messenger problem and not a foobar's but anyway I hope someone can help me here)

To check that option I need to have WMP 9 installed. But I don't want to install it 'cause It would be useless. So I think if i copy some dlls I can trick messenger and thus I can check the desire option for showing what i'm listening to.

Is that possible?

'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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I have no use for WMP (well, I suppose I do, cause I never knew it enabled the Now Playing option  ), so I am not 100% if copying .dll's will work. I don't see why it wouldn't .

It's only 1 .dll you need (I think).

It is called np_plugin.dll and is located at:

Code: [Select]
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\plugins\np_plugin\

If you don't have this file (assuming you don't have WMP installed anymore) just mail me at keikonium at gmail dot com. I can send you the file. To be safe, I'd make a folder in program files with the path stated above. Just because WLM may try and search there for it >_>.
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'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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You need to have info in your registry that says you have a certain version of WMP installed for Messenger to allow you to turn that option on. I have some reg files on my siste which will add this for you.

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'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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Thank you Keikonium, Mangix and shaneh for your help.

The three of you solve my problem.


'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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Excuse me for bumping this rather old thread.
Unnicknamed, I'm in the same situation as you; nLited Windows XP without WMP. Could you please share how you managed to solve your (and my) problem?

'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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He's very active here: Last Seen: 4th August 2006 - 22:41

You can use foo_vis_shpeck, it detects as Winamp, should work.
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'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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I guess you mean inactive.
These plugins most likely will work no problem, but the problem is, the moment I enable the "now playing"-feature within WLM, it explicitly requires WMP to be installed.
Appearantly Unnicknamed managed to solve this problem perhaps through some registry entries or something else.
I'd like to know how I can use these plugins without the need of WMP, or in other words, how I can fool WLM into thinking WMP is installed when in fact it isn't.

'What I'm Listening to' without WMP

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I solved the problem myself, and since Unnicknamed didn't bother to explain how to fix this problem so that any person visiting this thread in the future can also read it, I will do the honours.

For those of you who're using an nLite Windows installation where you ripped out Windows Media Player, or those of you who simply uninstalled WMP, but still would like to be able to use WLM its "What I'm Listening to" in combination with another program (Foobar, WinAMP, etc), all you have to do is download THIS zip-file with 2 registry files inside.
Backup the following key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\UIPlugins\{0776F107-F5A6-404B-9A78-7027FA6EAADD}].
Double-click on the 2 registry files to add the entries to the registry. Now the message that you need to install WMP shouldn't appear anymore and the "What I'm Listening to" feature should work perfectly.

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