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Title: Yet another incompatibility thread
Post by: friet on 2008-06-03 23:17:38
New here and new in Foobar2000 so this problem might seem silly.

I'm trying to get my foobar2000 install to look like this one:
http://lassekongo83.deviantart.com/art/fooLars-2-79517843 (http://lassekongo83.deviantart.com/art/fooLars-2-79517843)

Everything is nicely explained but I have problems with the plugins. This is the errormsg when I start FB2k

Code: [Select]
The following components are incompatible with this foobar2000 version and will function partially or incorrectly:
- foo_cwb_hooks.dll : cwbowron's title format hooks, Tagger Panel Window
- foo_ui_panels.dll : Panels UI
- foo_uie_powerpanels.dll : Seek Panel, Volume Panel
Please update these components to their latest versions if possible.

I'm using the latest version,, but the deviantart post isnt that old (march 9th) and people kept commenting till may 25th.

So did i do something wrong or are the plugins really outdated?

My foobar dir: http://tinyurl.com/4dhqfp (http://tinyurl.com/4dhqfp)
Title: Yet another incompatibility thread
Post by: Frank Bicking on 2008-06-03 23:23:31
They are indeed outdated and as far as foo_cwb_hooks and foo_ui_panels are concerned no longer actively developed.

For reasons and discussion, please read the change log and do a forum search.

Edit: I have pinned a thread (http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=63718) about incompatible components.
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