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FLAC / Re: New FLAC compression improvement
Last post by Wombat -
Some unscientific numbers for 29 random CD format albums:

CUEtools flake -8
7.591.331.615 Bytes

flac-native -8
7.623.712.629 Bytes

flac-native -9
7.586.738.858 Bytes

flac-native -9 -ep
7.581.988.737 Bytes
General Audio / Good requantizers?
Last post by rutra80 -
What requantizers do you know for changing PCM bit depth? For example from 16 to 8-bits.
I know about simply discarding bits, rounding, dithering with noise shaping.
This one sounds quite impressive:
I also remember 2Bdecided saying that lossyWAV would be quite an efficient requantizer, but I see no options for forcing bit limits to use no more than 8-bits for example?
What else?
General - (fb2k) / Re: wav 32bit fixed-point to FLAC
Last post by Porcus -
Gaaaah ... someone had a bright idea back in the day then.

(sox is thirty years old. I used it quite a lot in my Linux-on-desktop days, so, mildly disappointed over an old acquaintance being that stupid. Allegedly it supports 32-bit integer and 64-bit float ....)
General - (fb2k) / Re: wav 32bit fixed-point to FLAC
Last post by bennetng -
BTW, reminder that 32-bit float isn't always the piece of cake either .... See this post #6.  If @bennetng feels the days are filled with too much leisure and too little work, maybe there will be a version that can detect the integer format(s?) too.
My software (oldsCool) can detect int32 files. It assumes type 1 32-bit files as float unless it found something abnormal: Infinity, NaN or extremely high (over 6xx dBFS) sample values. Most (all?) int32 files in my PC were generated by SoX:

SoX does support lossless int32 WavPack, but lossy (and prone to clipping) for float, and no DSD support.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: 1.6.7 beta3 new exclusive output mode problem
Last post by Peter -
Beta 8 posted.
Fixed have been added for nonsensical "unsupported stream format" error and glitched beginning of track.

Code: [Select]
 Directory of C:\Users\WDAGUtilityAccount\Downloads

06/17/2021  11:24 AM    <DIR>          .
06/17/2021  11:24 AM    <DIR>          ..
06/17/2021  11:23 AM           210,432 BeepExclusive-50ms.exe
               1 File(s)        210,432 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  40,300,109,824 bytes free

PlayExclusiveStream() returned 80004005
FWIW, all these beepers have GPFed.  I have no problems running JB2112 in the same sandbox.  Why not see if the wasapi component DLL guy (kode54?) would offer to sell his to you?  These sorts of things are big time wasters.
What Windows version, what audio device?
I have the source for the old WASAPI component, I wrote it myself. It's glaring fault is that it needs two modes (push/event) because it failed to provide one mode that just works everywhere. Additionally it's full of hacks for Vista era issues that should no longer be used.
Movie/Multichannel audio / Multichannel audio on mobile (iOS) foobar 2000?
Last post by jaywigley -
I'm not an Apple Music subscriber but I did listen to a friend's Atmos-enabled stream and I love the multichannel, more spacious mixes. I've acquired some SACD rips that provide some sweet editions of a good selection of music, and now I search for an iOS (iPhone) app that will handle multichannel audio like these FLAC files. I can play them from my Mac and hear the space but when I use Foobar2000 on my iPhone, the space is gone. Is there any way to enable it, or to configure to get the spatial feeling back from an iPhone?
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