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Re: [Not my release] Biography view

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Pretty much nothing works on XP - the obvious exception being foobar itself.

It's about time people let it go.  :o

Re: [Not my release] Biography view

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Hmmm, a very bizarre statement. I've got everything I need running fine on XP. Even foobar and a ton of plugins, VSTs, etc.:


All works great.

Except of course images in foo_uie_biography.

I keep an older comp with XP and it suites my needs perfectly. Not going to "let it go" because someone says so because "nothing works" on it lmao. ;)

XP to me represents the last version of windows that didn't really have too much anti-user stuff in it. Now, it seems everything is going anti-user. Windows 10, Mozilla, etc., all (try) to take away power and control from users while claiming that things have been "improved," lmao you can't get more Orwellian than that. ;)

Anyways this is going way off topic. Of course I don't expect you or any developer to take time and effort to make any of your stuff work on XP, that would be silly. Just wanting to try and see if there's a way to get image download working again in foo_uie_biography for :)

Re: [Not my release] Biography view

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With the exception of foo_uie_biography, none of those components require internet access so of course they still work.

But if you want to keep up accessing online services in the year 2017, you need to use something a bit newer than 16 years old. Most websites these days are enforcing the use of https through protocols that XP doesn't support.

Re: [Not my release] Biography view

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I know this is old, but is there somewhere I can still download this from?



Your download link doesn't work. :-[

For me the download link works. I can give one more:

I have to give one more advice. If somebody uses cached files, you have to remove all old *.lmfl files from cache directory(set in Biography component settings). That files contains ![CDATA[...] markups and will not be displayed correctly.

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