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CD Hardware/Software / Re: aucdtect
Last post by Empire -
Thank you for the info, looking at all the suggestions. is that page for cue corrector available in English?
Using Free Audio Converter 1.0.30 what is the best FAAC configuration 1.29.7 using bit rate per channel without Joint-Stereo?

I don't think there are any good settings for that.  You should use joint stereo and probably a more mature AAC encoder.  Even with the improvements, FAAC is still probably not the best choice. 
Off topic: what a waste of bandwidth and storage. Any BluRay with 45Mbit/s has a brilliant picture and multiple lossless multichannel audio tracks.

* Version 3.4.1

  - Volume control now follows volume step setting of foobar2000.
Few words about this file and the huge sampling rate.
You can easily find the source by searching the name in a search engine :
(direct link = warning: 2 GB!

It's a DSD512 DFF file (22 579 200 Hz / 1 bit). According to Rollin it was converted with WavPack 5, which is now able to losslessly compress DSD. And even if foobar2000 can't read DSD, the WavPack library automatically transforms DSD files to PCM at ultra-high resolution for compatibility reason.

If you open the *.wv file in foobar2000, it appears as a PCM file at 2 822 400 Hz and 24 bit.
If you open the same file in foobar2000 with foo_input_sacd (which supports DSD in Wavpack format), the player detects the file as 22 579 200 Hz/1bit. And the foo_input_sacd component allows a much friendlier PCM sampling rate (88200 to 352000 Hz) for playback or encoding.

(on left a WavPack file without foo_input_dsd and on the right, the same file with foo_input_sacd 1.0.9
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: foo_converter.dll.cfg
Last post by eahm -
- Replaced dcaenc with ffdcaenc in the DTS settings, dcaenc file left in the folder (if you have the link for the folder)

- Added faac, just one setting at ~128 for testing.

- Small typo

The encoder folder works with BatchEncoder as well.
Audio Hardware / Re: Differences in Portable Players
Last post by zima -
You could certainly be justified in paying a bit extra for a better UI, larger storage and/or compatibility with more file formats.
Pretty much those are the points that are worth spending extra on.  You can also be justified paying more for a model with a better battery, too.

Storage and compatibility with more file formats are the ones I look at most.  The UI as long as it's half-way decent isn't as much as concern unless it's truly too crappy for me to use.  I usually prefer players that have wheels to scroll through songs, I hate the button scrollers.  If the UI interface is bad I check to see if there is working stable "RockBox" port available and if there's any issues with that port that could affect your enjoyment before passing it up if the storage is good but want to save a few bucks.
Just get anything supported by Rockbox. That way you get a nice UI, and support for ~all formats. Some of the Rockbox targets also have microSD slot, so expanding storage is not an issue...
All I get when I start foobar is:

Failed to load DLL: foo_dsp_subwoofer.dll
Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.

I have foobar2000 1.3.16 on Win10 Pro 64bit.
WavPack / Re: bits/sample, kbits/second?
Last post by j7n -
I believe that bits per sample (<24) is just another expression of bitrate, where the bitrate is dynamically adjusted relative to the number of channels and sampling rate of the input. For example, if you feed the encoder a mixture of mono and stereo files at CD quality, and specify -b 4, then the average bitrates will be approximately 176 and 352 kbit/s respectively, without the need to sort the input files in advance and use different parameters.

Hello everyone, everything good?

Can anyone with experience help with the following question?

Using Free Audio Converter 1.0.30 what is the best FAAC configuration 1.29.7 using bit rate per channel without Joint-Stereo?

128, 130, 150 ....

Because in the version I used 1.0.28 with FAAC 1.28 I used 128 per channel and the songs got the final quality this way:

247kbps, 265, 270 ....

And with FAAC 1.29.7 when choosing which rate per channel the songs have the same qualities for example:

130 per channel result = 260kbps.

What is the best bitrate per channel setting in FAAC 1.29.7 without Joint-Stereo?

I apologize for extending the text too much.

Thank you!