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Scientific Discussion / Re: What is the pre-amp input window range for dynamic microphone voltages
Last post by fooball -
the way I understand amplification is, to simplify, if you have a really weak current you're going to need to seed or bias that current to get the amplification going.
No.  That is simply incorrect.  Amplifiers are internally biased to their "centre point", the input signal disturbs it away from that centre point whether the input be positive or negative.  That is the reason the signal path is AC-coupled, so that DC offsets do not affect the centre point.  I hope I've made that understandable.

("Centre Point" is not a standard technical term, I've used it to try to explain.)

You may have been confused by the tricks used in power amplifier output stage design, where extra voltages are needed to ensure there is no cross-over distortion, or the bias signal required to overcome hysteresis in magnetic recording.  These are compensated for in the design of the overall unit, do not affect the input or output (especially on properly-designed modern kit), and are not relevant to the likes of a pre-amp.

Something else which might be confusing you is the input bias current specification for op-amp ICs.  These are a consideration for the designer of the amplifier (if op-amps are used in the design) and not for the user of the amplifier.  If you are trying to design a high-performance pre-amp, then good luck with that!

No (audio) signal input should draw a DC current from the signal source.  Frankly, if the input did require "seeding to get the amplifier going", it would be a terrible amplifier!
Listening Tests / Re: Personal blind comparison of the Bluetooth codec, AAC and SBC and LC3.
Last post by magicgoose -
> For SBC, I'm not sure if there's much psycho-acoustic optimization in play.

AFAIK, there is a little room for choices based on psycho-acoustics.
In each slice, there's a number of frequency bands, which are encoded "independently", but their total size in bytes has a limit.
SBC encoder must choose which band gets how many bits, this ideally must be based on where the human listener will notice the distortion the least.
And for this choice I saw at least 2 distinct algorithms being mentioned (and only one widely used as the default).
There is probably some room for improvement in these algorithms to "squeeze the maximum quality" out of SBC, but I would guess it won't make a huge difference. There's also the problem that it's not practical to upgrade hardware SBC encoders anyway, so any work on improving a SBC encoder will not be delivered to some (arguably the most important) targets.
(Or does SBC encoding actually happen in special hardware? It's probably cheap enough to run on CPU in smartphones, too - but I don't know about that.)
foobar2000 mobile / Re: Transfer works wrong since the latest update (1.4) on iOS
Last post by Peter -

errno=35, EAGAIN.
Interesting. Will be fixed today, it's an obvious bug if this interrupts transfers, as it's a non-error being treated as an error.

Which exact device is this / which iOS version?

I tried very hard and couldn't trigger it with what I have, including WinSCP. It's also a mystery why it was OK until latest fb2k update.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_nowplaying2
Last post by Wolfbane -
Hello, I used to use an old plugin called "AMIP Wrapper" to rename my songs, (last updated 2010, stopped working with Foobar 2.0)

So now Im here testing your plugin out, its recent made plugin and that's awesome that you took apon to do this.

Atm Im missing 1-2 huge feature and that is, what kind of change should happen to the text file when no song is being played.

So lets say I played a song, on stream I Stop the music to talk to viewers about something, then I would prefer not to have the song info still visible on my screen.

** 1 **
So basically "Stop = Change text" and if so to what... my preference would be " " (just space) but that could just be an empty field that can be customized by each person.
( I just realized that it does this by default, but still an option field to write whatever a person prefers on their own would be nice, maybe I want it to say "No Song playing atm" )
I also to my surprise found out that the text file gets re-written if I pause the song. To the exact same text as when song was playing, feels not necessary.

** 2 **
When song is playing sometimes people forget to read what the song was, and they ask at the end of the song, or even worse they ask in the next song, and with random shuffle, streaming I don't freaking remember...
So.... then it would be nice if the previous song possible to be saved in another txt file of my choice.

** 3 ** Is not needed but would be fancy...
Lets say when a song is changed, instead of instantly changing the text file, if it could to every 0.5 sec it would remove the last letter in the text file and save it.
Untill all letters are removed, then do the same but in oposit order when writing the new song. So type one letter each 0.5 sec, it would look like someone was typing the name.
Needed? Absolutely not, but it would be cool.