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General - (fb2k) / Re: Pls walk me through steps for getting my fb2k to load and play DSD files
Last post by GeorgeNJAudio -
This is beyond my experience/knowledge...
For testing purposes, try one of the [exclusive] outputs (which is WASAPI Exclusive).
Try the official ASIO output:

Thanks, Gus! Give that a try and if that doesn't work I'll post a new thread on the forum here.

Maybe the SACD input has to be configured to output to PCM? (I'm not actually using it, I don't have DSD files or a DAC).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -

Thanks for Biography, a true gem for foobar2000!
Thanks for you kind words!

Is it possible to manually add images to Biography..
You can copy custom photos into the download folder of the artist. That requires 'options > image tab > photos' disabled.

Also would like to add own text about the artist
Use menu > sources > paste text from clipboard. You may need to press shift for that menu item to show (behaviour can be changed in options > behaviour tab)

For some reason wikipedia does not show up here, I can't figure out why?
I can't see anything obvious in the parts of the path visible. But you've hidden part of the path (for obvious reasons).

Most likely reason is the path isn't entered correctly, e.g. a missing \ etc

You can check the location using the preview.

If you can't see anything, if the path works, copy it into notepad.
Then copy the wikipedia path directly underneath.
That way it can be easier to see less obvious differences.

You should just be able to copy/move yttm or subfolders, so long as folder/file structure is same.

You could also consider using the default cache, unless you have a specific reason why it's unsuitable for you. It's neat and out of the way in package_data. You may have to click hide folders on download tab to access the setting. If you let bio download a few things it will create the folders. The folder/file structure is the standard one, and so long as you haven't changed yttm subfolders, you can copy existing items in obviously omitting yttm. If you go down this route, do a few items of each type to begin with to ensure it's all working as expected.

Thanks for the feedback. The issue seems to be related to filmstrip > overlay image area being enabled. Disabling should stop the issue (if the menu item is greyed out, change to a different layout temporarily [e.g. top]). The next version should have a proper fix.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Pls walk me through steps for getting my fb2k to load and play DSD files
Last post by Air KEN -
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items > Sound > Device (iFi  Pro iDSD) Select > Properties > Advanced
▼ 768000 Hz or 384000 Hz Select > Test > OK

foobar2000 Preferences > Playback > Output > ASIO or ASIO+DSD > ASIO Driver Double click > Sample Rate

foobar2000 Output: ASIO or ASIO+DSD

Resampler DSP (SSRC X) 0.57 (foo_dsp_ssrcX) x64
Download (Direct Link):

x64\foo_dsp_ssrcX.dll > Preferences > Components > Installed components: Drag & Drop
DSP Manager > Active DSPs > Resampler (SSRC X)  ... click
bottom right: コンソールに情報を表示 → Menu > View Console
Output: ASIO

General - (fb2k) / Re: Pls walk me through steps for getting my fb2k to load and play DSD files
Last post by GeorgeNJAudio -
I'm not familiar with DSD, I'm sure someone will show you how to set it up...
Make a clean install of foobar2000, then install these components:

32-bit components will not work with 64-bit foobar2000, but the above will (they contain both 32 and 64 bit builds).

Gus: thank you thank you thank you! Your recommendations for the fix worked well, >EXCEPT< that when I try to play DXD files (& I have a lot of those) I get this fb2k error message: "Unrecoverable playback error Sample rate of 352800 Hz not supported by this device." BUT I know that my "device" – an iFi  Prod iDSD DAC-- plays 24/352,800 Hz and higher DXD. So the error message must be referring to my fb2k setup I'm guessing. Maybe I need to add another component? Please advise.
Help me fix this issue and I will be golden!