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General - (fb2k) / Re: New to Foobar2000
Last post by Clando57 -
I've tried Picard and foo_discogs. Even if they both retrieve some informations, none satisfy me. Picard doesn't find any information about composers and Discogs doesn't fill them in accurately. As said above, I was really not looking for a plugin that would give approximative results, I wanted to do that perfectly by myself.

Indeed, Columns UI lets me do what I want. Thank you !
General Audio / Re: Downsampling Vinyl-Rips to CD
Last post by Rollin -
dither_method: Why shibata? What are advantages and disadvantages of the others?
shibata moves dither noise from most audible range to high frequencies. You can see difference between dither/noise shaping algorithms here -

precision: What does it do? More precisions means bigger file size? And according to FFmpeg Resampler Documentation a value of 28 gives SoX’s ’Very High Quality’, so 28 is max or not? Why a value of 33?
Quality of resampling algorithm. It not affects file size directly. 28 is not max. 33 is max. But, yes, 33 is overkill.

Also, notice, that sometimes resampling can result in audible clicks between tracks -,114960.msg947760.html#msg947760 I don't know if this can be avoided with ffmpeg, but this can be avoided with foobar2000.
Audio Hardware / Re: Help me build my first serious music (stereo) system
Last post by bdunham7 -
1) Do you have a carpet in the room? No carpet. But there is another smaller room that is carpeted that I could move my music system to.
2) Have you run the Audyssey room correction? Yes, and it does seem to help a little.
3) If so, do you have the option of viewing the results in a menu (it will look like a sort of rough EQ graph) and No, my AVR doesn't seem to have this option...
4) Do you use the Audyssey, Audyssey Flat, L/R Bypass or Off settings? (if you have them) Just Audyssey
5) To the extent you can tell, is the harshness in the upper-midbass region 150-250 Hz or midrange 1-2Khz?  Or elsewhere? Highs
6) Does it change if you get up and walk around, sit on the floor, etc? I don't know as I usually don't walk around while listening.
7) Lastly (for today), how old are you and do you have any hearing problems (tinnitus, etc) or are you exposed to loud noise?
Mid 30s, no hearing issues other than my ears are very sensitive - hence I prefer to listen to music at low to mid volumes :-)

OK, first, I want to be clear that I'm not an audio engineer or professional acoustician or anything like that.  I certainly wouldn't want you to buy expensive equipment or remodel your house on advice from me!  However, I've solved similar issues on my own -- a perception of poor sound quality from a system -- and the solutions usually surprised me a bit.  Some of those solutions would have been nearly impossible to find by trial and error, but others I discovered accidentally--or mistakenly.  So I'll ask questions and give you suggestions.

1) First suggestion--you need to have some way of evaluating the frequency response of  your system at the listening point.  You said you don't see an Audyssey results menu, but could you look again?  On my similar (Marantz) AVR, you would go into the setup menu, then "Speakers", then "Audyssey Setup", then "Check Results" and finally "Equalizers".  Also, you use a PC attached to the system, right?  Go to and, bookmark those pages and have a look at them.  There's no need to get to sophisticated right now, but see if you can try the tone sweeps and see if there are spots that sound harsh to you, or have sharp dips or peaks in volume.

2) Second suggestion--check your ears.  This is a common insult among the audiophool crowd, but the reality is that anyone my age (mid-50s) that thinks their ears are still golden is either delusional or exceptional.  Exceptionally delusional, that is.  Between military service and too much Van Halen, my ears are a bit ragged and roll off over 8kHz.  At 10kHz and up I can't hear anything at any volume below painful.  However, while that isn't a really a problem, certain midrange frequencies will sound like broken glass in a garbage disposal if they go over a certain volume.  Your statement that you avoid loud volumes because your ears are sensitive leads me to think  you may have a similar issue.  So you can see what it is that your ears are sensitive to by running the tone sweep tests at the links I provided.  Run them at a volume somewhat higher than your normal listening level to find your upper hearing limit and see if any points sound exceptionally harsh.  If  you find a point that irritates your ears, recruit a test subject to listen and see if they hear the same harshness.

3) Last suggestion for today--reflections.  I wouldn't move the system to a different room, but you might try throwing a rug or pillows or something on the floor in front of them, between your chair and the speakers.  Your room is odd-shaped, so it may be difficult to evaluate for reflections, but if there are hard surfaces that will reflect sound directly back to the listening position (a "first" reflection), this may cause a perception of harshness.   I would also try moving the speakers around a bit, just to see if things change a lot or not.  For example, I think Klipsch recommends pointing the horns directly at the listening position.  You can try that and then toeing them out a bit at a time to see what changes.  If there are radical changes with each repositioning , reflections may be an issue.

You aren't the only person I've heard observe that the lower line of Klipsch seem "harsh", so there may be new speakers in your future.  I would just suggest that you use what you currently have to learn as much as you can.  I cringe to think what an audiophoolish hi-fi salesman might try to sell you given your concerns and your budget.
General - (fb2k) / Re: New to Foobar2000
Last post by Sergey77 -
In addition to above, I'm not sure which of the Playlist Viewers you can use lets you edit metadata inline (without opening a dialog) - anyone? I believe you can do this with Columns UI - NG Playlist.
Anamorphic: you're right, there is the feature "Linked meta field (for inline editing)" in Columns UI.
General - (fb2k) / Re: New to Foobar2000
Last post by anamorphic -
I only need to show the composer value by default in the metadata tab even if the field is empty or unfilled.
If you are talking about the right-click track Properties > Metadata tab, the COMPOSER field already shows up with a default install of foobar, even when the field is empty. Not sure why you would not be seeing it by default.

You can add any fields to the Properties window however. This is setup under File > Preferences > Advanced > Display > Properties dialog > Standard fields. (They are listed in the order you want them to appear. The list scrolls off screen so you have to use right arrow key). Somewhere in there you want -


Perhaps though you are talking about the 'Selection Properties' panel in your layout - this is only a viewer and cannot be used to edit metadata. And it only shows fields that have info to show. There are no options to change it.

In addition to above, I'm not sure which of the Playlist Viewers you can use lets you edit metadata inline (without opening a dialog) - anyone? I believe you can do this with Columns UI - NG Playlist. Not sure about EL/ES Playlist or the JScript ones. (Columns UI is a separate UI you would have to learn and make a new layout, if you want that feature)

Cheers :)
General - (fb2k) / Re: New to Foobar2000
Last post by Porcus -
Anyway, I prefer to fill in by myself to be accurate, precise.
Suggestion: Auto-fill, and then do corrections manually.
I don't think freedb has too much Composer data as MusicBrainz, and I don't think foo_musicbrainz gets composer?!? Not sure.
Try Picard, really. It can also identify tracks by acoustic fingerprint (listening to the songs). Beware that it could then put them in the wrong albums (it is likely better if you hit "Cluster" first, "Lookup" second and then make it listen to the rest). The "easiest" would probably be to make a backup set, put Picard at work, and then copy Composer.
(There are other applications that may listen and auto-tag too. Like this one from the creator of AccurateRip; I have never used it for tagging though, only for AccurateRip verification.)
General - (fb2k) / Re: New to Foobar2000
Last post by Clando57 -
Thank you for the reply.

I already found how to show the composer column in the playlist tab.

Yes, I've seen the possibility to select multiple tracks to fill in but I have very few tracks from a same composer. I tried to get data from freedb and MusicBrainz but they don't find any information for my tracks. Anyway, I prefer to fill in by myself to be accurate, precise. I'm not looking for a plugin to do this for me, I only need to show the composer value by default in the metadata tab even if the field is empty or unfilled.
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