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Thank you again for your help/advise tips Porcus.  I plan to use Foobar-out-of-the-box, as I am NOT computer savvy.  Sony/Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 makes both WAV and FLAC files for me so I'm OK in that regard. Also, I'm not just digitizing my mixes directly form my analog tapes, I'm re-creating them.  I still have the vinyl records I used to make the tapes (pristine condition, only played them once or twice, when I recorded my tapes - my kids are going to make a ton of $$$ selling them when I'm gone!)
FLAC / Re: Apple IOS 11 to support FLAC
Last post by eric.w -
I just updated, and found macOS High Sierra now plays FLAC in Finder. (The Quick Look feature, where you press "Space" with a file selected.)

iTunes doesn't accept FLAC files dragged-and-dropped on it, though.
So should I use FAAC 1.28 for now?
FAAC 1.29.7 will be better than 1.28, but until quality improvements arrive, it's best to use a different encoder if possible. You can use Apple's Core Audio AAC Encoder with fre:ac 1.1 Alpha if you have iTunes installed. The Core Audio encoder seems to provide the best quality at the moment.
Opus / Re: Point of transparency of Opus 1.2
Last post by halb27 -
Did some Foobar2k ABX testing using the "Bachpsichord" and "Applaud" samples:

Bachpsichord sample*
  Opus@64kbps          : Guessing Probability 0.0%
Applaud sample*
  Opus@64kbps, @96kbps : Guessing Probability 0.0%
Well, the more interesting question (at least to me) is: what an Opus bitrate setting does it take to have a) applaud, b) barpsichord being transparent to you.
So should I use FAAC 1.28 for now?

Please delete, still testing.
General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by mobyduck -
I have a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64bits with .NET Framework v4.7: do I have to install v3.5 or is Album Art Downloader installer supposed to work with the latest Framework?

I tried and it doesn't work, but I thought I'd ask before installing another .NET version.

but this concerns my Dads request for me to upgrade his setup.
What is it that he's unhappy about? 

What is it he likes about your system?
   ...Maybe bring your speakers over to his house and let him try them with his current setup?

He has an existing (near 25 year old) Rega Mira amp and some floor standing Rega speakers (look very much like Rega R5's) - same sort of age.
I'm not familiar with that particular equipment, but assuming nothing's gone wrong with the amplifier, a different amplifier isn't likely to make a difference, especially if he's not looking for more power (or features like remote control or digital inputs, etc.).  

Newer/different speakers will  sound different  but it's hard to know if they will be an improvement.    Bookshelf speakers, being smaller, usually put-out less bass.  But, there's a LOT more to speaker design than size.   And, from the pictures I found the R5 does appear to have a small woofer (does "5" mean 5-inches?) so it may also struggle with strong-deep bass already.    

Dear lord, what an ugly player! :) no, this one was, IIRC, more classic design, with that bluish display that was standard with consumer cd players...
Proper British hair-shirt-fi, from an era where physical attractiveness was considered a mortal sin and probably a sign of moral degeneracy too.  ;)
Hi Guys,
I have my own existing HiFi setup but this concerns my Dads request for me to upgrade his setup.
I'd like to short list 3 systems and get him to a demo room for audition.

He's getting on a bit now but still has a fair ear and listens to almost exclusively Classical Music/Choral/Opera etc. He has an existing (near 25 year old) Rega Mira amp and some floor standing Rega speakers (look very much like Rega R5's) - same sort of age.

He's looking to upgrade and has budget of £1000 for both amp and speakers (stereo only required)

Can anyone give me some recommendations please. Other characerisations would be:

Neutral (what I call BBC) sound.
High volumes will not be required.
Bookshelf speakers to mount either side of an archway between Front room and an annex.

Dad likes my Rotel 1590/1582mk2 setup with BW CM10s (I play from FLAC media through Jriver MC22 and a Benchmark DAC. But this is out of budget. But perhaps if one of the Rotel lesser amps with BW CM1's is suitable maybe that could fit ???

Your thoughts gentlemen.