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Please note that most of the software linked on this forum is likely to be safe to use. If you are unsure, feel free to ask in the relevant topics, or send a private message to an administrator or moderator. To help curb the problems of false positives, or in the event that you do find actual malware, you can contribute through the article linked here.
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Uploads / Re: lossy mp3 compression
Last post by CiTay -
Ok. Still not exactly what i meant, but you see, this already looks much less suspicious than just a one-liner with a file attached.

Let's keep this one online for now and see if there's any people who want to give it a go. As mentioned in the forum section's description, we take no responsibility for the files that are uploaded here. If someone reports something, we may remove the file. BTW, the original files were also removed upon receiving a report, but they only reported that it looked suspicious, they presumably haven't run the file. So for now i will give you the benefit of the doubt.
Uploads / Re: lossy mp3 compression
Last post by mp3audio -
ohhh...okeyy...the command line arguments are;
[-v?]    set level of verbosity (max: 2) (def: 0)
 [-np]    no pause after processing files
 [-o]     overwrite existing files
 [-p]     proceed on warnings
this version is the first there are bugs can this screenshot i have tried to compress taylor swift song .mp3
Uploads / Re: lossy mp3 compression
Last post by CiTay -
What i meant was, we want to see you participating normally first, maybe discussing about MP3 compression topics, asking if there is any interest in your compressor, what kind of benefits it has over other such programs, things like that.

We can't have any random people coming here and uploading small .EXE files as their first post. You first need built a bit of a reputation so we know who you are, and that you really understand something about these topics. Otherwise, people would just use this as a convenient platform to spread some malware, after all, they can claim what they want about their software.

For example, if you had posted a detailed first post, introducing your compressor, maybe listing the command line arguments, a screenshot, telling about its advantages, perhaps even development history or reason why you started to work on it, things like that. Then if you had uploaded it here, we maybe wouldn't immediately remove it again.

But "here is lossy mp3 compressor. maybe it is usefull", and then the .EXE file, as your fist post? What do you expect to happen? Everyone taking your word for it and trying it out, without even the slightest idea why they should, and going against all common sense?

edit: What korth meant, there are other forum sections for discussions, this is for uploads. But as i said, try to make some normal posts first, where you talk about your program or those kinds of programs. Then you can offer the program later if there is interest.
Uploads / Re: lossy mp3 compression
Last post by mp3audio -
Please don't just upload executable files here without further explanation. We first want to see some normal participation, explaining things about your "lossy mp3 compressor", some technical discussions and such. People will not and should not try some random .exe files someone they don't know uploads as their first post.
according to your statement, i have given some explanation about my post..but your statement is differ with korth statement...which is the correct one...please donot make confuse the hydrogenaudio visitor...thank you
foobar2000 for Mac / Re: foobar2000 for Mac: bugs & wishes
Last post by heybart -
I wish %last_modified% had msec precision for sorting purpose. I usually do a `touch *` after downloading / ripping an album so when I sort by date modified the tracks are listed in order, but this doesn't work if the precision is only to the second.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist Organizer (aka foo_plorg) replacement on Jscript Panel 3
Last post by proaudiouser -
it's not an icon, it's a char from the FontAwesome library (Audio Char)
You can change it to one you like : It's line 65 of pl_organizer.js.


I found 2 quite good chars in the site you provided:

Thank you, I'll try, but I still suggest an option in your context menu which lets us choose one like your folder chars.
Thx a lot.