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[TOS #7] M4A file extension save feature in Nero 7

I wanted to bring back something that I last talked about nearly a year ago. I first asked Menno and Ivan (who work at Nero) last December (2004), about the possibility of adding the ability for Nero to be able to have an option to save files with the .m4a file extension rather than always defaulting to .mp4 and manually having to rename files that Nero generates to make them iPod/iTunes playabale.

I was told by Menno that they would add that feature shortly (~December 2004) and by Ivan (in January 2005) that it should be easy to add this feature and hopefully it would be added soon. Then around March or April I ranted in a thread here on HA about the lack of Nero adding a simple option to resolve this "usability issue" of allowing the user to specify .m4a for the file extension when Nero saved a MPEG 4 audio file without having to rename files. I was banned for a while due to my outburst then (granted I got pretty steamed at the Nero developers for their lack of adding this feature), and was restored access by Dibrom after apologizing for the tone of my words.

Well, it's now been a year, and Nero 7 is now out. Still no feature for a user to select saving from Nero with a .m4a file extension. Nero users still have to manually (or with a script or utility) rename .mp4 files that Nero creates to files with .m4a extensions to get them to work well with iPods/iTunes. With over 40 million iPods out there now I believe, Nero should (in my opinion) better support their users who own iPods/iTunes.

I want to thank Menno for last January adding .m4a file playback/reading support to Nero after I requested it. I just extremely dislike renaming files, and wish Nero would add a simple preference option, toggle or pull-down box option when saving files to select either .m4a or .mp4 extension when saving MPEG 4 audio files.

I am sure many novice iPod/iTunes users don't know why their Nero .mp4 files won't play in their iPods. I have seen numerous posts asking what the difference was between .m4a and .mp4 audio files on this and other boards. Every other major audio app that creates MPEG 4 audio files that I know of allows a user (the option) to save files with a .m4a extension, EXCEPT for Nero 7. So, one last time, I am asking (nicely) for this feature to be added to Nero.

Yes, I have E-mailed Nero support asking for this, as well as posting threads in the past here on HA, but I haven't heard any news on this feature in about 8 months, so I wanted to ask for this feature in a public forum that Nero developers monitors one last time.

Am I wrong to ask for this usability feature, to help make Nero a better product and easier for their users (including me) to use? Feel free to discuss if adding this feature would be worthwhile or not for Nero.

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