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iOS playback issue if ftp path contains square brackets

foobar mobile does not play tracks with contain square brackets. It stops playing a track immediately and issues the error
Playback error: Object not found On: "ftp//{local ip number}/Media/Test/[2011] Collapse Into Now/01. Discoverer.flac"
and jumps to the next song to play (which again fails).
If I change the square brackets to round brackets in my music collection playback works well.

The tracks of the scanned album are shown properly in the track browser even if they include square brackets or German umlauts. Just playing them does not work.
I love foobar2000 and have used it to organize my music collection. Inspired by foobar, I use square brackets throughout the collection for album dates and album attributes (like remastered) also in path names. This is the only detail which keeps me from using foobar mobile in daily live ;-).
I am willing to provide more information, or do some beta testing - whatever helps to solve that issue.

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