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Skins for foo_title plugin

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Packed Player [ UPDATE ]

This is the same skin from the previous post with some added extra features I forgot to include.
Still hoping it can be helpful to someone!

Updated List of Features:
Main Box
- Album cover; maximize (top left); previous, play and next buttons (down middle); volume control bars (down right); open and close controls box (top right); open and close information box (down left).
Controls box
- Small demonstrative animation; media library search; tagbox; now playing properties; time elapsed and length; codec and play counter; sample rate and channels; bitrate and codec profile; back by 5, 10 and 60 seconds; ahead by 5, 10 and 60 seconds; progress bar; volume up and volume down buttons; play random order; play default order; preferences box; open containing folder; exit button.
Information box
- Artist name; song title; album name; track number; date; genre.
Note: In the previous version I forgot to take in consideration the mp3 tags can be empty. Now, whenever the tag is empty, it will read N/A (not available) as you can see in the skin preview I carefully chosen.


Skins for foo_title plugin

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Packed Player (V0.3)

The same skin from the previous posts with a different information box style.

P.S.: You can set the volume you want either by clicking in the volume control bars (main box) or by clicking in the volume up and down buttons (controls box).


Skins for foo_title plugin

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So, this time I decided to get creative with the animation feature!
Here is the 2 “best” results…

Packed Player (V0.4)
Purple Bird
(The idea was to make the bird simulate the clicking of the clock beneath it…)

Packed Player (V0.5)
Dancing Girl
(A girl dancing in the background but everything works the same…)


P.S.: You can “fine-tune” the animation speed by “shifting” the Update Interval in the foo_title preferences window.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Does the latest version of this component work with foobar v1.1?


Skins for foo_title plugin

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Yes, the latest version of this component works perfectly with the latest version of foobar.

Here is the proof ...

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Hello. I have created myself a foo_title skin and after much tweaking I believe it's a good time to share it with the public.

WebM Video Preview Mirror

  • High and low transparency modes (low is default; high is less distracting)
  • Rating display: If a file is rated 1 star or higher, a star will show on top of the transparency toggle button. Note: This depends on the %RATING_CD% tag which is associated with foo_customdb, change this to %RATING% if you do not have it.
  • Has the same volume/progress bar as the Firsh skin.
  • The timecode can be toggled between time elapsed and time remaining by clicking on it.
  • Click anywhere under the volume bar to play or pause the track.

  • Two fonts are included which are required to display the rating and timecode: Guifx v2 Transports, PF Tempesta Seven.
  • This skin contains source code from Firsh, an existing foo_title skin, which was the inspiration for Flourish.
  • I liked the minimalism of the Firsh skin but wanted extra functionality and a theme complementary to Win7 Aero (flour·ish - v. to grow, thrive, prosper.)

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Hi, in this I share my design inspired on the obsidian skin of DFK audio enhacer. Welcome any comments.

Re: Skins for foo_title plugin

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I've updated the flourish skin for foo_title 1.0.5 and foobar 1.5. As always, remember to install the included fonts to your system.

  • Changed the volume selectors to step more naturally into mute.
  • Changed the default title text to Roman letters.
  • Slightly tweaked some graphic icons and fixed text display being clipped.


Mediafire - Drive


Re: Skins for foo_title plugin

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Very sorry but I missed a strange issue in my flourish skin that appeared when I updated but I didn't notice until I already posted v2. Apparently foo_title no longer allows layers whose padding contains a negative value to clip out of its boundaries, nor into a previous layers' padding. Any such geometry will become transparent. Strange, but I fixed it by rearranging the order it's loaded and giving it a positive padding value. It affected only the RATING_CD display.

Code: [Select]
			<layer name="rating" type="text">
<geometry type="full">
<padding left="16" top="2" right="0" bottom="0"/>
<contents spacing="0" font="Guifx v2 Transports" size="10">
<label position="left" color="88FFFFFF">$ifgreater(%rating_cd%,0,b, )</label>

I'll explain again the function of this layer. It shows a star if the RATING_CD tag is present. If you do not have foo_customdb component, change this to RATING. If you do not have the font installed and listen to a rated song, you'll only see the character 'b'. If you don't want an entire font as a dependency for a single character, you could change it to a unicode ★  and take font="..." out, or if you don't want rating display at all, modify or take this entire code cluster right out of the file. All up to you.