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Re: Apple IOS 11 to support FLAC
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FLAC is the defacto standard for lossless audio now!  At least it's something that's actually patent and royalty free that anyone can use for a change.
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Re: Apple IOS 11 to support FLAC
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The QuickTime framework tends to actually provide the audio codecs that players such as Finder and iTunes use. Since the QuickTime version that adds FLAC comes with iOS11 and MacOS High Sierra there is no point in testing whether players support it unless you have already upgraded to iOS11 or High Sierra.

It might even be that the same iTunes that doesn't support it on my version of Sierra will support it if it's run under High Sierra. To be 100% sure we'lll have to give it a bit more time until both are released later this month.
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Re: Apple IOS 11 to support FLAC
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I just updated, and found macOS High Sierra now plays FLAC in Finder. (The Quick Look feature, where you press "Space" with a file selected.)

iTunes doesn't accept FLAC files dragged-and-dropped on it, though.