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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by Ottodix -
Hello Wilb,

On the next version, would it be possible to add an option "Enlarge on mouse click", which would toggle between "image only / image+text" mode, like the option "Enlarge on mouse over" ? I did the code on my setup, i just didn't add it as an option available through the right-click menu, so on my setup it's always on. But i guess it won't take you much time to make it an option, using my code below.
I edided the function of the panel object, line 435, basically i took the previous code and encapsulate it inside a condition :
Code: [Select]
			const enlarged_img_o = enlarged_img;
enlarged_img = !this.text_trace && img.trace(x, y);
if (!ppt.autoEnlarge && enlarged_img && !ppt.text_only && !ppt.img_only && !enlarged_img_o) {
} else if(!ppt.autoEnlarge && ppt.img_only) {
this.mode(0); enlarged_img = false;
const enlarged_img_o = enlarged_img;
} else {
// Previous code
if (this.zoom() || x < 0 || y < 0 || x > this.w || y > this.h || but.Dn) return;  if (ppt.touchControl && !p.dblClick && Math.sqrt((Math.pow(this.last_pressed_coord.x - x, 2) + Math.pow(this.last_pressed_coord.y - y, 2))) > 3 * s.scale) return; if (t.text && (!ppt.img_only || ppt.text_only) && t.scrollbar_type().onSbar || ppt.heading && t.head && !ppt.img_only && (but.btns["src"] && but.btns["src"].trace(x, y) || but.btns["mt"] && but.btns["mt"].trace(x, y))) return; this.clicked = true; t.logScrollPos(); ppt.artistView = !ppt.artistView; if (ppt.cycPic) {ppt.artistView ? img.photoTimestamp = : img.covTimestamp =;} if (!ppt.sameStyle && (ppt.bioMode != ppt.revMode || ppt.bioStyle != ppt.revStyle)) this.sizes(); = ""; timer.clear(timer.source); ppt.sameStyle || (ppt.bioMode == ppt.revMode && ppt.bioStyle == ppt.revStyle) ? but.check() : but.refresh(true); if (calc) calc = ppt.artistView ? 1 : 2; if (!this.lock && this.multi_new()) {this.get_multi(true); if (!ppt.artistView) t.album_reset();} if (!this.art_ix && ppt.artistView || !this.alb_ix && !ppt.artistView) {t.getText(calc); img.get_images();} else {t.get_multi(calc, this.art_ix, this.alb_ix); img.get_multi(this.art_ix, this.alb_ix);} if (ppt.img_only) img.setCrop(true); if (!ppt.artistView) img.set_chk_arr(null); this.move(x, y, true); t.getScrollPos(); calc = false;

and eventually, in order to restrain the active zone to the image only and not the whole image row/column, line 2378 you'll have to remove this code in the function this.trace():
Code: [Select]
if (!ppt.autoEnlarge) return true;
Support - (fb2k) / Album Display....bug?
Last post by Le Croissant -
I'm not sure if this just happened or my foobar has always been doing this and I only just noticed it.
But the black selection bar seems to continue as a shadow over my album art and artist display (see included pictures)

I'd love to know how to fix this.
Audio Hardware / system advice for htpc replacement - bit-perfect audio
Last post by foo_on_air -

My aging HTPC build broke due to a power outage. Probably the Mainboard is defective. The Hardware is unfortunately too old to get replacement parts for a reasonable Price. Current parts are a Intel b75m itx Mainboard with an Intel Pentium cpu.

Which Hardware would you recommend for a quiet itx build with integrated graphics that supports bitstreaming? Likely a Mainboard + cpu is needed.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by TheQwertiest -
I want to find meta value(first value) by name.

According to the documentation.
I need to...
1. Check if there are matched name in the meta. if yes, go to step 2.
2. Find out how many meta in it.
3. Loop through the meta(s) to find the idx numbers for the name
4. Use the idx to get the Value out.

Is there any better way to doing this?

There is also a MetaFind method, which returns the index of the meta field (or -1 if not found) =)
General - (fb2k) / Loading songs over VPN
Last post by kosta88 -
I'm using F2K over VPN to connect to Windows/Samba share to play FLAC files.
Loading a song takes quite a while. Maybe a second slower than on an iPhone X doing the same thing with FLACbox.
The real problem begins when I try to select more files to play, for instance with Enqueue in Foobar, or by just pressing enter to load them. Each of the files takes couple of seconds to get added into foobar. Imagine what happens if I press enter on 500 selected files... Very inefficient. I would have no problem if the files were to queue at once, but really load info ("processing") took place before they play or on load.

Can this behavior be changed?

Support - (fb2k) / Re: add freq scale to spectrogram?
Last post by j7n -
With the bottom end cut off the spectrogram is more visually appealing in a player. At normal FFT sizes the bottom end is large ugly interpolated pixels, or the top turns into long streaks when FFT is increased. I hope the spectrogram can be made "multi-resolution" where the low end extension is analyzed with a bigger FFT and combined into the same picture (like in Izotope RX but with fewer "steps" for performance). But I have no clue how hard this is to do. If you do add a scale, make it barely visible (just a few dots or font color without much contrast against the background).
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