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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar freezes PC during search
Last post by zwolamed2 -
Massacre. Final 1.4 update completely broken the player. foo_input_reverse and foo_wave_seekbar was responsible for failed attempt of updating, which resulted in broken launch. When I deleted them manually, I updated the app again, but needed to close it manualy in task manager during working of installer. Then it somehow started to work, but once, probably before, I needed even to run as admin only from direct location to make it work. Very strange.
Eventually I ended up with Visual C++ R6034 runtime error on every startup of the app, but everything works.
I found similar error related to old WInamp version not installed in the system, but it didn't resolve the problem.
And, sticking to topic, I still have freezes during using the app. I think it intesfied. On beta 15, later I found some occasional instabilities in this case. Maybe in later version(s) it intesfied further.
I'd really want to get the stable player back... Last good version for me was 1.3, but now few componets are updated to work with 1.4, and I will have some problems with reverting them to 1.4 along with settings, etc.
I will investigate further if it is not some particular component. Foobar in safe mode works fine.
Opus / Re: Can anyone reliably ABX OPUS at 160kbps?
Last post by IgorC -
One moment.
Opus has CVBR mode which is an equivalent to Apple AAC ABR.

At the same moment Apple AAC CVBR is constrained VBR but still with a big variations.

From best quality to worse.
Opus  : VBR > CVBR > hard-CBR
Apple AAC:  true VBR/ TVBR and CVBR > ABR > CBR

(TVBR and CVBR have similar quality).
Audio Hardware / Re: "Only few percents of FIDELITY"
Last post by DVDdoug -
Could you explain why my subwoofer is under 1% of THD...
Put me down as "skeptical".   ;)  If it's an active (powered) subwoofer, that's probably just the amplifier  spec (when it's not clipping).

There are also frequency response non-linearities.  Possibly even resonance/ringing.   Room acoustics have a HUGE effect on frequency response and resonances. 

And, you can get rattling, buzzing, or port noise, etc.  

You could get intermodulation distortion (but I don't think that's a big problem with subwoofers).

It's also possible to overdrive the speaker or the amplifier, especially at very-low or subsonic frequencies (in which case you'll exceed the distortion spec).

What subwoofer is this?
Opus / Re: What is the bitrate of your Opus files?
Last post by IgorC -
If you're fine with that bitrate you may as well just use a time domain subband codec like MusePack or hell, even MP2, and enjoy the perfect temporal resolution. Throwing more bits at a transform codec doesn't do much to fix their fundamental shortcomings beyond 192 kbps.
Is there any  recent blind test which  indicates superiority of MPC over other codecs?

I've found only these old tests:,36465.msg321547.html#msg321547

And  this old one

Audio Hardware / Re: "Only few percents of FIDELITY"
Last post by greynol -
I've split the above post from the original discussion because it was off-topic.

Could you explain why my subwoofer is under 1% of THD and at the same time totally unable to reproduce a complex audio signal in a range of only few percents of FIDELITY ?
I'm not sure I know what "few percents of fidelity" means.

Would you be able to provide data from controlled listening tests that demonstrate whatever problem it is that you're trying to describe is audible?
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