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Support - (fb2k) / Album List search issue
Last post by AndreaT -

my full library contains approximately 600k records (over 35 years of live recordings).

When I use the search option of Album List I am getting in troubles because the "application" start immediately searching for the pattern as I type in something.
This brings my PC to starvation and Foobar freezes for 30 seconds or more. Practically, I cannot use this search feature.

Question: is there any option to instruct Album List to start searching only when I have fully typed in the search string?
In other words, can I stop this default behavior?

Thanks and regards,
Scientific Discussion / Re: Simply way to calcuatle p value ?
Last post by Porcus -
The "simplest way" is, arguably, to enter the figures into an online calculator:
The null hypothesis of wild guessing would be a probability = 1/2 each time, since you have two alternatives A and B.  What you are looking for, is the chance of getting "such a wild result" as 10 or more, if the null hypothesis is true.

If you want to do it by hand: Then .
Rather than calculating up to 10, you can calculate "from 10 and up": since probabilities are 1/2 The chance of getting 10 or 11 or 12, equals the chance of getting 2 or 1 or 0. The probability of 1/2 simplifies p^k(1-p)^{n-k} to 1/2^n.

CD Hardware/Software / Re: flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags.
Last post by korth -
flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags
Well that 'Additional command line options' string only adds the CUESHEET tag and coverart. You can add any other tags you wish but foobar2000 will give the added tags priority for the entire album and ignore similar information in the cuesheet for each track. I wouldn't add the Artist tag for this reason. AlbumArtist* maybe.
Leave a space between commands:
-T "ALBUM=%albumtitle%"
-T "DATE=%year%"
-T "GENRE=%genre%"
-T "COMMENT=%comment%"
-T "ALBUMARTIST= %albumartist%"
so if you add all of these
Code: [Select]
-T "ALBUM=%albumtitle%" -T "DATE=%year%" -T "GENRE=%genre%" -T "COMMENT=%comment%" -T "ALBUMARTIST= %albumartist%" --tag-from-file=CUESHEET="%albumartist% - %albumtitle%.cue" %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover% %source%
The comment tag is set using the 'Compression Options > Comment' tab or you can remove %comment% and add custom text.

* The foobar2000 Encouraged Tag Standards discourage writing the ALBUMARTIST tag except when all the track artist values aren't equal. When you setup EAC for FLAC using the wizard, it uses
Code: [Select]
-T "ALBUMARTIST=%albuminterpret%"
%albumartist% = CD Artist in the main EAC window
%albuminterpret% = CD Performer in the main EAC window
Using %albuminterpret% gives you the control to add the ALBUMARTIST tag only when you add a string to the CD Performer box.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags.
Last post by Golfer -
Thanks korth, it worked like a champ in foobar2000.
The one thing I notice though in MP3tag which I just downloaded yesterday so I'm no expert but when I look at the flac file that I just make with your setting I only see the jpeg.
My old flac shows Artist, Album, Year, Genre and Comment (EAC 0.99b3/REACT2ss,2009-01-03).

Like I said, working correctly in foobar so thanks for that but now I wonder way I can't see it in MP3tag.
 And yes everything is the latest and greatest versions,

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