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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by zeremy -
It seems that recent changes have broken local video playback..
From Version 2.2beta1 afterwards.
I finally found the video I wanted Ralph to watch, a couple posts back:
The guy markets valve (tube) equipment based on the circlotron, 85-ish year-old technology and horrendously inefficient. Quite how much of that video do you think he's going to follow? Think in terms of lost causes!
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Importing iTunes Library
Last post by Coreda -
Basically over the past 8 years my library has accumulated a ton of stuff in different locations, and those often have a lot of things i don't want to import or things i want to selectively import... the only thing I see in the Media Library option to add folders in.

Would i have to add each album folder in (there's over 3,000) or what's the best way to go about this?

Just on this, the Media Library list in the foobar2000 preferences is typically used for adding the parent folder (or folders) where all a user's music is stored within, rather than individual album folders. foobar2000 then monitors the entire music folder and sub-folders for changes and updates its library automatically.

For selectively excluding folders or tracks the most straightforward way foobar2000 supports is by setting their properties in Windows to Hidden, and it will hide from foobar2000. Un-hiding will reset the 'date added' tags of foobar2000 addons like Playback Statistics however (if you care at all about that). There are other methods of excluding files/folders that come to mind, such as creating an autoplaylist that excludes a folder path, but the hidden files method works across the entire foobar2000 library.
I finally found the video I wanted Ralph to watch, a couple posts back:
[please delete, wrong thread]
You will fall into Atmasphere's trap when continue to talk about mic quality, speakers and other nonsense.
Dude, I was making a joke...

Why use a mic? Simple. Low frequency hum? Furnace. Clicking sound? My wife was clipping her nails. Surface noise? It was me moving my ass on the sofa. You have infinite excuses when you record with a mic.
Well, ok, that's really low, though. He'd better use an anechoic chamber and a reference mic for that, but oh well...

The Zoom recorders are nice recorders and all, but they have their drawbacks. I have a Zoom H1 and it's a nice recorder when either you attach another microphone, like a lapel mic to it, or you use it on a tripod. The case is not rattly, but kinda squeaky, I guess. when holding it in your hand, the plastic makes noises no matter how careful you are. But on a tripod using the internal mics, or using it as a recorder pack with an external mic, it's pretty good. Also, really good battery life!
Can anyone help me set this thing up I'm getting some pops, crackles and the occasional screech...........
Obviously all due to a highly unstable preamp.

My cats would correct all those symptoms rather quickly
Dude did a needle drop with A Mic?
Let's just assume, it was a really good microphone, for well over $100. Probably some nice Condenser mic, with tube mic amps and everything, providing all the warmth and flavor for maximum veil-lifting.

I felt kinda queasy when I saw that microphones are placed in front of speakers on a live set for the first time. Then someone pointed out to me, that the speaker an electric guitar is connected to, is considered part of the instrument, technically. So then it kinda all made sense, eventually. etc.

So, maybe we should consider his amp and speakers part of the entire exercise?

No, no, no, no!  I learned the extreme value of electrical signal connections over using mics and acoustical connections that  learned in 7th grade AV service.

The acoustic connection and using even the best mic and preamp in the universe brings in the 5,000 pound gorilla that you didn't even mention - room acoustics. Room acoustics and other spurious noises are clearly audible in his recording. Didn't you hear them?

Looks good, admire the programming skill here. Bit steap for my wallet but can totally understand wanting to be reimbursed properly for your work.
Heh, the US/EU problem with dot and a colon. I tried a colon, so I thought it doesn't work. But I should use dot instead :)