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%lyrics% = embedded text?

Hi there!

What exactly does it mean when an audio file contains the field reference %lyrics%?

Does it mean that the file contains an entire text embedded in it (like a cover art, for example) or that it is ready to download the text file (lyrics) from a certain server?

In my library I have a lot of songs with this tag (%lyrics%), but when I try to read offline the text through the foo_openlyrics component panel, nothing, no lyrics appear.

Thanks in advance.

Re: %lyrics% = embedded text?

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A tag can contain the lyrics frame,  yet not have it populated with the lyrics.  You may be inadvertently adding that frame while tagging your files.  To double-check if they actually contain lyrics, try viewing them in a 3rd-party tagger like Mp3tag or Kid3.


Re: %lyrics% = embedded text?

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Good to know, thanks!