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AAC / Re: VS
Last post by tpijag -
I believe you are chasing down the wrong path.

The salient point is at what setting does the lossy version of a track become noticeable [to your ears] compared to the original lossless file.

Your ABX comparison should be lossless VS the various levels of your choice of lossy codec.
Last post by rectifica -
At what point can you not tell one from the other?
i can't tell 192/224 from 256 and mp3 320

Can someone please help.
I'm making a discography and need a base value to convert to after ripping to m4a
It seems 256 is the answer but im looking for another viable option like 224
if anyone can compare the 224 to 256 and 224 to mp3 320 it would be a lifesaver

m4a aac 256kbps
m4a aac 224kbps >> mp3 320
m4a aac 192kbps

FLAC / CUE sheet track limit
Last post by Wally Walters -
I know that CUE sheets are supposed to be limited to a maximum of 99 tracks.  Is there a workaround for this?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: can't convert flac to apple lossless with v1.4 on windows 10
Last post by Porcus -
On my laptop, I convert to the Apple Lossless encoder and they become
.M4A files from .flac. I assumed .m4a is apple lossless(codex?).

.m4a means it is audio in an MP4 container. MP4 can contain a lot of things, but is the typical choice of file format both for ALAC audio and for AAC audio. Merely looking at the .m4a in the file explorer does not tell you whether it is ALAC or AAC in it, though file size could give you a hint.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by musicmusic -
1.0.0 beta 1 is out with a few bug fixes:

Resizable window would be really useful. May be something like additional 'layout editor' popup window, that is not bound to fb2k preferences page limitations?
Well, moving all of the CUI preferences out of there to not be bound by such limitations was a thought that crossed my mind. It probably won't happen, but some of the reasons included:

- lack of ability to resize the window
- wrong font on Windows Vista and newer
- and, yes, I don't like the forced delayed commit model

If possible I wanted the ability to add label to every panel, not just splitters. Let me illustrate this with my `awesome` MS Paint skills:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Other possible implementations: `Label` (`Panel Type`) or even only `Label` without panel type.
Unfortunately, I'm bound by the current design of the panel API. All of the data for a panel is managed by its parent panel, and I can't see trying to augment that data in Columns UI working.

So, a custom name would have to be stored in one of the current options, and hence the idea of using the custom title option. The custom title option isn't limited to splitters, it depends on the parent splitter panel supporting it for its child panels. But if Panel Stack Splitter doesn't support it, that probably doesn't make much difference for you anyway.
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