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recoomended Aacenc settings?

Could someone please explain in what situations you should use different settings in Psytel Aacenc?

E.g. When to use LC, Main or LTP (I know main is still buggy but I'm talking if everything worked as intended).

Any other recommendations ne1 can make would also be appreciated, besides using ogg or mpc


recoomended Aacenc settings?

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Heh... my favorite topic 

I, personally, use -archive or -extreme when I need a very high quality VBR file.

-br 192 -production when I want a high quality "CBR" file (Although the -production switch will become obsolete soon)

-pns should be used for very low bitrates (<=64kbps)

-it seems to me that LTP would generate a slightly better quality than LC, but it isn't worth ruining hardware compatibility.

Hope it helped.



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