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Foobar as live audio monitor (for spectrogram)

I'm looking for a way to monitor my sound input using foobar (mainly for the spectrogram). So when I press a key on my synth, or record sound through my microphones, I can immediately see what it looks like in the spectrogram.

I found foo_record which works perfectly for that purpose, EXCEPT there's a huge delay since it's not using ASIO, I suppose.

I've looked all around, and it seems like foo_record is the only component anyone has ever developed to record sound with foobar, and it's like 8 years old. Is there really no-one else out there interested?

So I guess question is, is there anyone out there who could develop a component for monitoring sound input in foobar using ASIO? It couldn't be that hard, could it?

Foobar as live audio monitor (for spectrogram)

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Foobar as live audio monitor (for spectrogram)

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Why don't you Photoshop a fake foobar layout and show a visual presentation of your "wish it existed" interface? I wouldn't mind having a look.

My personal wish list... I would love to see the spectrogram/waveform from "Izotope RX" as a "Columns UI" panel,
but unfortunately, even if it was created it would not open files like FLAC, WV, APE, etc, because it is hard coded to take WAV files as input.

Foobar as live audio monitor (for spectrogram)

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Erm, what. . .? It wouldn’t look any different from foobar2000 displaying a spectogram of audio being played from a file on disk.

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