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Keyboard Navigation in Foobar2000

I would like to play and work with a playlist in Foobar; however, I can only jump to the first and the last track (using Pos1 and End). The navigation with the cursor keys is not working at all. I use JAWS as a screen reader. This, however, should not be relevant as the phenomenon also occurs with NVDA (another screen reader). Apart from that Foobar2000 is an excellent software for keyboard navigation.

Does anybody have an idea why the keyboard navigation within the playlist does not work?

Regards, Linguist

German translation:
Ich möchte eine Playlist in Foobar abspielen und bearbeiten (crob), kann aber nur mit Pos1 und Ende zum ersten bzw. letzten Track springen. Die Navigation mit den Cursortasten funktioniert nicht. Außerdem fehlen in der Playlist Tracks, die im Explorer-Verzeichnis definitiv vorhanden sind. Ich nutze JAWS als Screen-Reader, aber das sollte keine Rolle spielen, da das Phänomen mit NVDA (auch ein Screen-Reader) ebenfalls auftritt. Allgemein ist Foobar2000 exzellent per Tastatur zu bedienen. /

Hat jemand eine Idee, weshalb die Tastaturnavigation in der Playlist nicht funktionieren könnte?

Keyboard Navigation in Foobar2000

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Addition for English speakers: Beside the general issue with the keyboard navigation in the playlist, some tracks are missing in it even though they definitely exist in the file folder.

Keyboard Navigation in Foobar2000

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Please refamiliarize yourself with our Terms of Service, paying attention to article 10.

Keyboard Navigation in Foobar2000

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I have moved this back as a full translation was provided. I have reorganized the original post to separate the german.

Keyboard Navigation in Foobar2000

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The cursor keys (Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Up Arrow, Down Arrow) work as expected for me, except the Left and Right Arrow keys which don't have any functionality in playlists. I am not familiar with screen reader technology. Can screen reader software affect the keys' functionality?

Regarding the missing tracks, did you create a media library by defining one or more watched music folders or did you just load existing playlists to foobar? The missing files may be in a format that is not supported by default (you can add support for several additional formats by downloading and installing components from here: or in case of external playlists the file links inside the playlist files may be incorrect.

EDIT: fixed the link.

Keyboard Navigation in Foobar2000

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perhaps you have defined some single letter shortcut keys which may conflict with playlist view navigation.
By default navigation in playlist is working as expected here and it's accessible to both screen readers you are talking. I'm using NVDA all the time and have tested jaws just to confirm.
Just to make sure... Are you running the latest version of Foobar 2000?

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