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Columns UI: Multiple genres = multiple track listings in playlist

Wondering if anyone can help with this.  I am using foo_uie_albumlist with columns_ui.  I just set this up yesterday, replacing my old filters with the album list for selection. 

Let's say I view my album list by "genre" and select "All Music" - the top node in the album list tree.  Any track that I've tagged with 2 genres appears twice in the NG playlist.  Any track that I've tagged with 3 genres appears three times in the NG playlist, and so on.  An example: I have a Frank Zappa album tagged (for genre) as Jazz, Rock, and Avant Garde.  When I select "All Music" and look at my grouped NG playlist, the Zappa album is listed once, and each track under it is listed 3 times. 

However, if I drill down into the album list and select the Zappa album specifically, or even select the "Jazz", "Rock", or "Avantgarde" genre, the tracks only appear once each, as is preferable.  I understand why this is happening, but it's not a preferable arrangement.  Right now, as I continue to build my first foobar, "genre" is the only tag with multiple values that I use for the album list, so the problem is limited, but I will probably want to add things like "Year Recorded."  There are multiple dates entered for many albums, and I imagine that would create the same problem in a "Year Recorded" - "All music" selection.

So I'm wondering first if anyone knows a workaround for this, second, if this would be considered a bug, and third, if not a bug, could it be considered a development request.  Would there be any negative ramifications to some kind of code that solves this inconvenience?


Columns UI: Multiple genres = multiple track listings in playlist

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so you want to press root node while branching multivalue field tree and you don't want duplicates?
if that's so, here are couple solutions:

- menu > edit > remove duplicates
- make ALL library autoplaylist
- get use to foobar

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