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Integrating other open-source software into fb2k

Hey. I was tooling around with the interface and enjoying myself and all, but something seemed to felt amiss, and that was lack of a web browser. Why isn't there anything to integrate Firefox into fb2k? It doesn't even have to be an actual part of the interface more than a wrapper, an installer could be created to make an optimum interface that goes with Foobar (possibility like a profile named fb2k, execute firefox -p fb2k on load etc.) and functions like artist searching and lyrics can be done right within Foobar instead of having to worry about a separate window. And also, people can put it in a tab so they can, for example, switch between Active Playlist, a special extension could be added to give users the current song playing in a toolbar, paste the current song playing, the Foobar component could help in finding discography of artist, lyrics etc.

It'd certainly make us a little more competitive with Songbird and Winamp, and it's a luxury that would be very welcome.

Pidgin or Xchat integration would be VERY nice, and it would encourage more people to use that kind of software if there was an installer for it that gave you the component, Pidgin plugin for interoperability with Foobar, ability to share currently playing song either from the built-in browser or messenger, auto-updating of song, etc... and it'd work reliably because everything would be made for each other. And even still the Firefox and Pidgin plugins can be separate things.

As for setup, it'd be stupid simple. Make new tabs for the browser and buddy list in the largest part of your Foobar interface, and you're set to chat and browse within Foobar. I know you purists want everything separate, but I'm not, and I want people to stop cracking Winamp Pro when there's stuff SO MUCH BETTER out there that can do the same thing.

Integrating other open-source software into fb2k

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You seem hot about foobar this days: don't hold your breath

In the first part you described Songbird, so if that's what you want go for it

As for lyrics, foobar has many 3rd party components, amongst them one which integrates IE control as CUI panel (for the one of the best lyrics providers BTW:, and that's here:

another (very popular) 3rd party component is Biography view, which provides info from and wikipedia, also allowing user to make custom script to web services perhaps

Pidgin integration is possible with many Winamp emulators (like your /and mine  favorite Shpeck) and additional Pidgin plugin - music tracker (or something like that). As for Xchat I don't know

Overall it seems like this is you first contact with foobar, so you'll learn if you stick around why some of your wishes will never see the day

[edit] I digged for you this CUI layout by kabuki, which might be interesting to you:

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