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First letter artist facet

I set simple foobar config with facets, and after complains that some artists aren't shown it seems like problem with multivalue fields to me. Examples with two facets:

1. $left(%<album artist>%,1)
2. %<album artist>%
- artists shown in 2nd facet: 350

1. $left(%<album artist>%,2)
2. %<album artist>%
- artists shown in 2nd facet: 400 (all)

1. $left(%album artist%,1)
2. %<album artist>%
- artists shown in 2nd facet: 400

one artist multivalue field example: "Anne Clark; Martyn Bates" - where Anne Clark is in 2nd facet and Martyn Bates isn't shown

I can't seem to find any pattern why some aren't shown, they are in different codecs, properly split, and all in multivalue artist tag
As CUI user I don't know if this is known issue/feature?

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