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Digital Voice Recorders sound improvement software


I was able to get my first Digital Voice Recorder Samsung SVR-S1330. And today I was able to perform real life test by recording lecture in the university. However, (not that I'm really surprised) sound is VERY quiet, and there are some mechanical noises (from pen falling on the table, mirophone movement, etc) that make me scream when they happen and my speaker's volume is all way up.

So I have question to the audience of this forum, can anyone suggest a fast and effective software to remove (at least some) noises and to normalise sound overall?

For those who are interested this voice recorder uses compression technology from Cowon (CVF files), the same that is used in Jet VoiceMail. When recording is done in quiet environment sound quality is fantastic. It can record up to 13.5 hours of speech into build-in 32Mb of flash memory. When connected to PC I can download CVF files and convert them to WAV (these files I want to normalize) and if I want to convert WAVs back to CVF.

Another question just poped-up in my mind, what would be the best LAME string to compress those WAV files? They are Mono 500Hz - 3.5KHz. So I want to minimize bitrate as much as possible (VBR?) and leave quality of sound unchanged.

My endian is bigger than yours.

Digital Voice Recorders sound improvement software

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Well, I'm no expert in noise reduction, but CoolEdit Pro has "click eliminator", "hiss reduction" and "noise reduction" ( and of course you can normalize with it.

Other more directly suited noise reduction for your needs might be:
Denoiser Clear Voice by STC (Speech Technology Center)

Other specialized noise reduction software I know:
Algorithmix Sound Loundry (
Arboretum Products (
DartPro (
Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction (
STC End-user Products(
Steinberg De-noiser (
Wavepurity (

CoolEdit Pro (
GoldWave (
Juha Laaksonheimo

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