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Topic: passing commandline parameter to foobar process? (Read 1010 times) previous topic - next topic
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passing commandline parameter to foobar process?

I tried out of curiosity:

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os.execv(foo, args)
where "foo" is foobar path and "args" are /tag:<command> <file> which works fine from command line

then foobar throws this:
unknown commandline parameter: -

and enqueues <file> as set in "shell integration"

running process monitor shows that new foobar process ID is created with path string to foobar path and this command line string for all operations:
/tag:comment="Some comment" "some file"

I guess that this is completely wrong way but that "unknown parameter" is saying something and I would like to know if it's there some way to tag multiple files without launching command line all the time?


passing commandline parameter to foobar process?

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i found way out with
missusage maybe doesn't need explanation

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