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Help with filter and now playing script (Colums UI)

I'm pretty happy with my current config, but I unfortunately my -very- limited scripting abilities prevent me from making the final few tweaks. My first problem is with my 'now playing' script. Normally it looks like this:

but when a track title is too long it ends up looking like this:

Is there a way to make the title become smaller when the total width is longer than the 'now playing' box?

Here the script I currently use:

Code: [Select]
[$set_font(%default_font_face%,$add(%default_font_size%,14),) $rgb()

[$set_font(%default_font_face%,$add(%default_font_size%,12),) $rgb()

[$set_font(%default_font_face%,$add(%default_font_size%,9),) $rgb(130,200,200)[%album%]]$crlf()

[$set_font(%default_font_face%,$add(%default_font_size%,2),) $rgb()
[%_time_elapsed% / ]%_length%]$crlf()$crlf()

[$info(codec) - $info(bitrate) kbps - $info(bitspersample)-bit - $info(samplerate) KHz]]

I realise that this is probably horibly written, so any suggestion on how to improve it would be much appreciated!

My second scripting problem is regarding the Artist filter. Is there a way to sort it like this:

Help with filter and now playing script (Colums UI)

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You can use $len(%title%) to get title length in characters, than use some math to make font size according title length, thou it won't work in your example because you title is just too log. Maybe you should right-click on item details panel and deselect word wrapping

If I understand right you second problem, then you can't do that kind of grouping inside filter panel

Help with filter and now playing script (Colums UI)

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Thanks for the tip! Too bad it's not possible to sort the filter, are there any other sorting components that can do this?

There is one more thing I was wondering. My NGPlaylist looks like this:

My grouping script:

Code: [Select]
$puts(sep,$transition(' '$trim($repeat('―',2)),$rgb(200,200,200),$rgb(200,200,200)))
$rgb(200,200,200)%album artist%
$rgb(0,190,220) '('%date%') '


$get(sep)$rgb(99,128,107) Disc %discnumber%[ of %totaldiscs%]

I added a blank grouping field under it to have the second line to make som more space between the title and the album tracks. Is there a way to do the same thing over the title as well? So there is a blank space between the last song of an album and the title of the next album?

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