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Topic: Dead items from archives (without foo_unpack) (Read 978 times) previous topic - next topic
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Dead items from archives (without foo_unpack)

I noticed some release that it wasn't suppose to be in my library, and then I realized I have installed foo_unpack
I deleted the component, but the release is still in my library:

I just updated my RC to Ultimate, so maybe I missed something
How to remove this items from library without removing it physically?

Dead items from archives (without foo_unpack)

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Time didn't solve the problem

In the meantime I added some new releases, and also thought it maybe something with Explorer "compressed folders" feature: I disabled them - still the same:
Unable to open item for playback (Invalid path):

I won't investigate further, and I'll remove the archive to other place, but I guess there is issue with library updating after using then removing foo_unpack

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