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Low average bitrate for V0 transcoded files?

This is a pretty generic question that may not have a simple answer, but here goes:

Occasionally I will "downcode" a FLAC or WV music sample to V0, using, e.g., CUE TOOLS 2.04a and LAME mp3 encoder.  My expectation is that the transcoded file will be somewhere in the range of 220kbps - 248kbps.  But sometimes the resulting file will be quite low in bitrate, i.e. somewhere between 125kbps and 160kbps.  Is there a general answer or answers to why this might be happening?  Is it an indication that the original recording had a narrow "range," or perhaps that the original FLAC or WV was made from a low-bitrate original source?

Any ideas/knowledge would be appreciated.

Low average bitrate for V0 transcoded files?

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V0 can average quite low with most low freq or mono recordings, such as albums from The Beatles.

If your lossless files are compressed at low bitrates, such below 550kbps. Then it's very likely to be compressed at very low bitrates with V2 and V0.
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